Do The Winter Blues Have You Down? CBD May Help

Winter blue have you dragging? Dr. Riley Kirk returns to speak more on the relationship between anxiety and cannabis. Check out our last article where we discuss more about THC’s impact on the reaction. Be sure to show Dr. Kirk’s TikTok feed some love!

Today we’ll be focusing more on CBD’s impact on anxiety. To reiterate, CBD is not psychoactive. That means it won’t leave you with the same “high” feeling you get from THC. In fact, “CBD has been shown to interact with various receptor systems in your body that control fear and anxiety responses.” More on that below!

Managing Anxiety With CBD

There are quite a few of those receptor systems mentioned earlier that are impacted by CBD. “This includes the endocannabinoid system… your serotonin system.. [and] the TRPV1 receptors.” This essentially means you are guaranteed some form of impact on your anxiety after consuming.

There are currently many studies that demonstrate CBD’s effects via wildlife observations. There are also some human trials that demonstrate the same, though this kind of literature now has the potential to grow further given hemp’s recent legal status. In one study, they found that “300 milligrams a day significantly reduced the symptoms of anxiety compared to [a] placebo.”

Hemp From Arbor Vita8

Riley caps the clip by reminding viewers that there are no “documented effects of causing anxiety.” That makes it a solid choice for those dealing with any kind of chronic apprehension, and/or the winter blues. Be sure to check back in from time to time, and anxiety is a common topic on our resources thread.

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