Does CBD Have An Impact On Stage Fright?

CBD users report many benefits when it comes to their consistent use. Of course, the results vary from person to person, and the limit on academic research is tangible. That said, we love covering a good study when we come across one.

Today, we’ll be reviewing a 2017 study that explores CBD in an interesting field. They view its results in a public speaking setting. Using this as a lens, they stage an in depth trial to determine the connection, if any. You can read the piece in its entirety by clicking here. But first, a look at CBD & anxiety.

CBD & Anxiety

In the past 50 years, the star cannabinoid from the hemp plant has yielded some fun findings. “Investigators described a broad range of pharmacological effects of the drug.” These include:

  • “therapeutic interest…
  • anxiolytic…
  • antipsychotic…
  • sleep-regulating…
  • antidepressant…
  • antiepileptic…
  • anti-inflammatory…
  • Analgesic”

Anecdotal reports also note “improvement of Parkinson symptoms.” To note, the report does a stellar job of citing its sources. This document alone boasts an entire network of findings from credible contributors. They include outbound links to each referenced study, in case you’re in the mood for an even deeper dive!

Stage fright equals anxiety

Stage fright is something that consumes most people. Take, for example, a person that under normal circumstances is calm, cool, and collected. If they haven’t taken any public speaking courses or aren’t used to the act, it can be daunting to them. In fact, some people can have full on, anxiety-filled breakdowns at the thought.

While it may be tall order to find the source of this anxiety, some have reported CBD to help lighten their load. This goes for the relationship between anxiety and CBD in general. Here, it was deemed important enough to create trials testing its place in the realm of rhetoric.

The experiment and its results

In this case, researchers used a test group of almost 100 people. 5 subgroups were designated. An even amount was given sugar pills, CBD, and a leading pharmaceutical. Each received various dosages of their assigned product to assess their true impact.

Afterwards, the participants agreed to vocal exercises, including a speech to an audience. The results were pretty interesting! Of these, the pharmaceutical took effect the quickest. When it came to CBD, of the dosages applied, “subjective anxiety measures were reduced with CBD 300mg… in the post speech phase.”

Arbor Vita8: Your Hemp Partner

Going back to the purpose of the study, anxiety has long been a hot button issue. It’s such a universal experience. While there’s an obvious need for more research, the current findings bode well for the future. Until then, you can be sure Arbor Vita8 will keep you up to date on all things hemp and CBD.

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