Does CBD Work in Sparkling Water?

CBD and other cannabinoids are oils in their natural state. Oil doesn’t mix with water. So, how can CBD sparkling water be a thing?

Nano emulsions make CBD water, and a variety of other products possible. Not only that, but nano CBD fully dissolves in water without changing its taste. It’s the perfect form of CBD to create a discrete, and tasty, way to enjoy its effects, and those of other cannabinoids, each and every day.

Getting the CBD teeny tiny

To get CBD molecules small enough to qualify as a nano emulsion, they undergo a proprietary process that shatters the molecules. This leaves you with nanoparticles that are a fraction of their original size.

This makes it possible for the CBD, when it’s combined with an emulsifier (aka a fat), to mix into substances, like water, it’s typically incompatible with. You can’t mix a plain, old CBD extract with water successfully because, when cannabinoid molecules are at their original size, they’re an oil. And again, oil and water don’t mix.

This process also provides consumers with multiple benefits. Not only can they now consume cannabinoids in liquids, but because nano CBD particles are so small, they’re absorbed faster.

Regular-sized CBD, in order to get digested, must go through your stomach. Like any other food, you have to fully digest it before it can take effect. This can take a while. Nano CBD is so small, it can travel through the membranes in your mouth and throat and head right into your bloodstream. They don’t have to go through your internal organs to start working, which means the possible effects get felt much faster.

If you’re drinking CBD to get a little boost in focus, or to help you unwind after a long day, and you typically feel certain effects when using the cannabinoid, they’ll kick in much faster when you’re using nano CBD.

This sped-up process of absorption is known as bioavailability. It’s definitely a good thing, and something regular cannabinoid consumers will be happy to experience with nano products.

Combining CBD with adaptogens

Another reason CBD sparing water is hitting it big is most manufacturers are also adding in adaptogens. These are additional plant-based and herbal ingredients linked to making you feel better. Most adaptogens provide healing properties from the anxiety and stress many of us feel on a regular basis. They can increase focus and lift energy as well.

It’s suspected that adaptogens work best when taken daily over an extended period of time. Putting them in water is perfect then, since it’s a product most consumers are comfortable using on a very regular basis.

While CBD isn’t classified as an adaptogen (yet), consumers report feeling effects in using the cannabinoid to those linked to adaptogens.

Picking your favorite flavors

With the advent of nano emulsions making it so easy to mix CBD with water, the market is exploding with CBD-infused sparkling water of all varieties. By far, the most common flavor is lemon with lemon/lime and citrus flavors coming in second.

Other common flavors include:

  • Orange
  • Blackberry
  • Ginger
  • Peach

Some brands will even combine flavors for a more complex water. You can find pomegranate with hibiscus or grapefruit with basil among so many others.

What this all means is that, whatever way you like to flavor your water, there’s most likely a CBD-infused option out there right now or on its way.

Check out option for wholesale nano CBD

Whether you’re heading to the store to buy some CBD sparkling water, or are thinking about making some of your own, Nano CBD is going to change the options we have when it comes to consuming cannabinoids.
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