Does Nano CBD Dissolve in Water?

Asking a question like this is important for many reasons. If you’re mixing two ingredients together to create a final product, you want them to actually mix. Nobody wants nano CBD water that’s cloudy, for example.

You also don’t want your ingredients to take away from each other in any way. Knowing one dissolves into the other means you maintain the integrity of the final product. You also don’t end up with something that tastes funny or has a strange consistency.

Nano CBD, because of how it’s made, does mix completely with water. But, most people trying to sell you Nano have the terminology wrong. Nano CBD isn’t water-soluble, it’s actually water-compatible.

The difference between these terms, and knowing what makes Nano CBD so unique, are the reasons behind it being true that Nano CBD does dissolve in water.

Understanding how nano molecules are different

The process of nano emulsification takes molecules from any cannabinoid at their full size, and breaks them apart so they become tiny. Once this happens, a lot changes in regard to the cannabinoid.

  • Its bioavailability increases which means your body absorbs the cannabinoid faster, and it can kick in much sooner.
  • Its shelf life increases. In this state, which usually turns the cannabinoid into a powder, it may last up to two years on the shelf.
  • Its potency goes up, so consumers can potentially feel more with less.

Nano CBD also makes it possible to precisely measure doses, and to be consistent and accurate each time.

Those who experience any effects from CBD, will most likely feel them again with nano CBD. But, that’s where the similarities end. Nano has so much more potential to be an effective and efficient way to deliver hemp into the systems of waiting consumers.

Figuring out its compatibility and not its solubility

It’s not uncommon to see products that use nano CBD to claim on the package it’s water-soluble. This means the CBD does dissolve in water. However, any cannabinoid extracted from hemp is an oil, and oil and water don’t mix.

Although this term makes it clear that you can completely mix nano cannabinoids with water, if you really know your stuff, you understand that nano CBD is actually water-compatible.

Water-compatible compounds will disappear in water, but what happens at the chemical level is different. When something is water-soluble, the compounds joining with the water undergo a molecular change. You’re not ending with the same compounds you started with. For CBD, and other cannabinoids, that’s bad. 

Water-compatible compounds don’t undergo this change. What you start with is what you end with, only it disappears into water.

Nano CBD won’t turn water cloudy, and mixing the two ingredients together leaves you with an all-natural, non-toxic product. Nano CBD also won’t alter the taste of what it mixes with. If, for example, you’re adding it to a flavored water for a new consumer product, you won’t have to reconfigure your pre-existing ingredients.

Mixing nano CBD with water

During the nano emulsification process, an emulsifier works to break down the original molecules of the cannabinoid. What you’re left with is usually a powder that’s tasteless and odorless, with all the potency of it’s originally-sized molecules.

All you have to do next is stir in the proper dose to a cup of water, and you’re ready to go. Of course, it’s much easier to buy existing products, in your favorite flavors, that have taken care of this step yourself. And, with the existence of Nano CBD, a lot more of these types of products could start popping up on shelves.

Some wholesalers, like Arbor Vita8, will even offer Nano products already in water. This makes it even easier for manufacturers to bring it together with existing products, and we’re not just talking about bottles of water here.

Nano cannabinoids have positive applications in hemp-derived food products across the board as well as topical products like balms, creams, and makeup.

Yes, Nano CBD does mix fully with water

Actually, no matter what cannabinoid you’re interested in, in nano form, it will mix fully (aka dissolve) in water. And, to buy the very best bulk nano cannabinoids, look to Arbor Vita8. Our proprietary emulsification system creates high-quality nano that will integrate seamlessly into your products. To learn more and place an order, contact us today.


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