Don’t Be A Grow Bro: A Message From Riley Kirk

One of the greatest things about the hemp and cannabis communities is how welcoming it is. It’s meant to be a forward thinking, safe space for like minded people. After all, there’s already enough imbalanced stereotypes and unfair judgment to work against.

The same should go for the forums where members congregate to share and learn of experiences. So when our friend Riley Kirk got some not so friendly comments from a “grow bro”, we weren’t surprised that her response was full of class and integrity. You can learn more about the exchange below.

Opening The Lines Of Communication

One example of this saw a grow bro acknowledge Riley’s pronunciation of the word “cannabinoids.” It’s important to note that “from a communicative standpoint, [it doesn’t matter]. Because whether you say [either], it means the same thing.” The issue here, though, isn’t diction or word choice. Simply put, it’s about respect.

Like Riley, we at Arbor Vita8 believe in putting common decency above all. It’s one thing to have a genuine, respectful concern about a person’s perceived error. But it’s another thing to project these concerns through a somewhat hurtful filter. In fact, it goes against much of what this community stands for.

Arbor Vita8 Welcomes You

Much like our friend Riley, we’d like to reiterate our stance as an ally to all in this arena. Our doors are always open to community members and beyond. When coming to Arbor Vita8, expect patience, courtesy, and appreciation for your time. And don’t expect grow bros.

Do you have any other questions or concerns? Are you a hemp community member looking to expand your network? Reach out to us today! Arbor Vita8 is your one stop shop for all things hemp processing related. You can reach out to us via our contact page, here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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