Dr. Riley Kirk Tackles The Effects Of CBN: Learn More Here!

The spectrum of hemp based cannabinoids is vast, to say the very least! One of these that has gained a great deal of popularity is CBN, or Cannabinol. We’ve dedicated quite a bit of our blog catalog towards exploring the effects of CBN, something we share in common with our good friend, TikTok star Dr. Riley Kirk.

Read on for some interesting facts in this latest clip from her feed. You can also explore the rest of her videos, as she covers a wide range of topics on the subject of hemp and cannabis. Check out the clip below!

Background on CBN

CBN has the distinction of being “the first ever molecule isolated from the cannabis plant.” This may surprise you, as it’s still not as recognizable in the mainstream as some of its more touted counterparts.

“The reason it was the first one isolated is because CBN is actually a breakdown product of THC.” Dr. Kirk goes into great detail explaining the many ways the effects of CBN can occur from THC. Can you believe that there’s actually evidence of this process being studied dating back a century?! Of course, testing equipment has advanced in the time that has passed, giving us a greater understanding of the science involved.

CBN For Sleep

The various elements aren’t the only thing causing CBN to develop from THC. When smoking THC, “CBN is created” as a result of the heat. There are, of course, simpler ways to go about obtaining CBN and it’s related cannabinoids.

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