Drug Testing: How Cannabinoids Pass Through Waste

There are more and more places that are removing restrictions on cannabis and hemp use. From the 2018 Farm Bill, to the various states legalizing recreational cannabis, there’s been a great deal of progress. There are also some places that are rolling back drug testing for cannabis for employment.

This brings us to the notion of how our bodies process cannabis and hemp. In this short clip, the good Dr. Riley Kirk speaks to some interesting facts on this subject. The first being that “65% of THC is excreted in the feces.” Wild, right?!

The Impact of Hemp On Drug Testing

Another common question on the subject is can CBD make you fail a drug test? While it is highly unlikely, there have been isolated cases where people tested positive for THC after consuming high amounts of CBD. But there may be a greater explanation than at first glance.

This could boil down to a matter of the quality of your hemp. While it’s required for hemp to test at or below .03% THC, not all products are created equal. That’s why it’s imperative to know exactly where your products are coming from.

Quality CBD From Arbor Vita8

This also calls to mind the differences between compounds like CBD and THC. While THC stays in your system for up to 30-45 days depending on frequency of use, CBD is usually gone in a few days. This echoes the vast difference in their effects, as well.

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