ECS: Riley’s Take On The Endocannanbinoid System

A diagram of "Endocannabinoid and Body Systems" showing different effects on the body

What makes cannabis so special? The answer lies in its functionality. Sure it has a rogues gallery of effects. But what’s even more intriguing is how it interacts within the human body. There is a network without our system that responds directly to cannabis. It’s called the ECS.

The endogenous endocannabinoid system can be found in your entire body. This doesn’t only apply to us. As the clip notes, all animals have this system in their body. It’s actually pertinent to our survival. It’s due in main part to its ultra relaxing effects. This stress relief can be crucial in improving overall quality of life.


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ECS Explored

We all share this system. Regardless of whether or not your use cannabis, you still rely on an ECS. As the clip notes, this begs the question how do non cannabis users benefit? Would you believe that “our [bodies] produce molecules to interact with the ECS?”

This is also why they’re referred to as endogenous. That’s just a fancy word for inside the body. The two primary endocannabinoids  that Riley discusses are “Anandamide… and 2AG.” To note phytocannabinoids are the also popular properties that come from the actual cannabis flower. The two primary of these are pretty well known: THC and CBD.

How Does The ECS Work?

This “system maintains homeostasis within our body, meaning it maintains balance.” But that’s not all it does. It also functions as a signaling system. This means that it “allows for different organs… and cell types to communicate.” This balance can help to manage overly excited neutrons in our brain. It does this by using endocannabinoids to slow signaling.

Riley notes an interesting fact about animals’ ECS. When animals go without eating for a prolonged period, the ECS is what tells them they’re hungry. This is another example of how it signals within the body. Hear Riley’s take in the clip.

Components Of The Endocannabinoid System

Here’s a breakdown of the ECS’s components. There are three typical options. The first are the endocannabinoids. They are also called ligands. These are the “molecules that are then going to interact with the system that our body actually makes.”

Next are the enzymes that create those molecules. They also break them down later. The third are the receptors. These “allow the endocannabinoid to bind to it, [causing] some sort of response in our body.” Understanding these components gives you a stronger understanding of your own biology. Check out Riley’s breakdown in the corresponding clip!


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