Edible CBD At Home: DIY with Dr. Riley Kirk

It’s great to know that smokable hemp is an option. But, not everyone is so gung ho about smoke going into their lungs. We understand, some don’t enjoy the invasive feeling of smoke. This is why today we’ll be using a clip from our friend Dr. Riley Kirk to discuss some great edible alternatives for CBD.

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

The first step is preparing your hemp! Before you can activate your buds, they first must be exposed to heat. In the clip, Dr. Kirk notes how she uses her own at home decarbing machine to accomplish this. You can also use your oven, though the steps are a bit more manual and complex.

Once the hemp flower is heated to the correct temperature, next you’ll steep it in your choice of absorbing agent. Dr. Kirk uses coconut oil in the clip. After submerging it for the noted timeframe, you’ll strain it with a cheesecloth and keep the remnants.

Arbor Vita8

Now, you can use the remaining oil in preparing baked goods, or adding them into whatever foods you like. Note that the device Riley uses in the clip expedites this process, though the oven option isn’t too complex once you get underway.

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