Edible Metabolism: How They Process In You System

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There are so many different ways to harness the powers of cannabis and hemp. You can smoke it, you can vape it, and more. But these can sometimes be a little harsh, especially for new users. As a result, there are balms, salves, tinctures, and more that are less invasive. And of course, you can eat it!

But what happens when you eat a cannabis edible? In truth, a bunch of things! The chemical reactions that occur following consumption are nothing short of intriguing. Watch the clip above from our good friend Riley Dee for a deeper explanation on edible metabolism. And read below for a deeper dive from our end!

How To Make Edibles

The process for making an edible is far less challenging than you would expect. First, you can decarb your cannabis using heat, then steep it in oil or butter. After a reasonable amount of time, you can then strain the yield, and use it in your baked goods. For a more advanced process, take a look at making D8 edibles.

Delta 8 THC refers to the variant of THC that’s less psychoactive. First, you have to extract the Delta 8 into a tincture form. From there, you can inject the tincture into your baked good of choice. Put it in the oven for the requisite amount of time, and boom! Your Delta 8 THC edible is ready! Be careful though. D8 THC is only legal if it’s sourced from hemp. Synthesizing it from CBD, while easier and cheaper, is ILLEGAL! Be sure to follow the legal limits to ensure no reprimands.

What Happens When You Eat A Cannabis Edible?

During edible metabolism, the interesting factors just keep on coming. As mentioned before, “our livers have an enzyme called our cytochrome enzyme. This adds different groups to THC to make it easier for us to excrete it.” But, no one of these enzymes are exactly the same.

The construct of your enzymes can mean a major difference in your metabolism’s speed. Though “they’re slightly different, they have the same function.” But if it’s a slower speed, that means your high will last longer. If it’s faster, then the opposite.

Exercise Caution When Consuming An Edible

Much like with anything that causes psychoactive results, use with caution! There are no shortage of horror stories when it comes to overuse of cannabis edibles. This is less the case in hemp based edibles due to the lack of “high” effects”.

A good rule of thumb is to take your time! Start with some smaller pieces and work your way up! In the words of a good friend, “you can always get more ‘high’, but you can’t get ‘un-high'”. Wise words to live by!

Arbor Vita8

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
Have you ever taken an edible with your friends and you realize that it’s affecting you guys differently? There’s actually a scientific reason for this. So in my last video, I mentioned that our livers have an enzyme called a cytochrome enzyme that essentially adds different groups to THC to make it easier for us to excrete it, but not all cytochromes are created the same.

So there’s actually different alleles to these cytochrome genes. So they’re slightly different, but have the same function. And these slight differences can actually cause you to be a slow metabolizer of THC or a fast metabolizer of THC. And if you’re a slow metabolizer of THC, that means that THC or 11-Hydroxy-THC are going to actually stay in your blood, in your body longer so you’re going to feel higher for longer. And if you’re a fast metabolizer, you’re not going to feel high as long. What kind of metabolizer are you?


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