Estimating Extraction Yield from Your Hemp Crop

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By Olivia Drake

It’s an exciting time to be a hemp farmer. Hemp cultivation and sales are legal, and extraction yield is more lucrative than it has even been. The CBD industry, in particular, is only going to get bigger, with projected worth rising to at least $20 billion by 2022.  

If there was ever a time to begin farming hemp, it’s now. But, what exactly does it take to grow and harvest hemp to get a solid cannabinoid yield? Isn’t it just sticking a seed in the ground and watching it grow? To keep it simple, no.  

While growing hemp isn’t as complicated as working with some other crops, it’s not necessarily easy. There are many small and specific tips and tricks that can improve your hemp harvest.

Space plants right

What is your purpose for planting hemp? The end product you want to have will determine the spacing of your crop. 

Traditional hemp plants, intended for fiber, must get planted close together to make the stalks grow longer. On the other hand, for CBD or CBG extraction yields, the plants need space. This allows the hemp plant to bush out, which means more buds/flowers, which means more CBD or CBG.   

If you wish to plant hemp soley for CBD, then you should only have around 1,000 to 1,600 plants per acre.

Estimate your yield 

So how much should you expect to yield from your harvest if you follow all the “directions”? The best way to determine this is by using an extraction yield calculator. It quickly gives you an approximate amount of CBD oil you can harvest based on the size of your crop. It may also determine the potential profits of selling it.  

All you need to know is how many plants you have, what the expected percentage of CBD each will contain, and your typical dry yield per plant. Most of this information should come from your wholesaler when you purchase hemp seeds or seedlings. If you manage genetics properly, they’ll have historic knowledge of how each strain performs.

Other tips for keeping plants healthy

You don’t want to lose any of your extraction yield by doing something wrong. As a farmer, the goal is to maximize yields, and you do this by keeping your plants healthy. If the plants stay healthy throughout growth, you can typically harvest in approximately 16 weeks. But, before you get to the point, make sure you’ve got all the other growth factors under control.

Plant soil choice

One of the best ways to ensure healthy plants is to consider your choice in soil. The quality of your soil will completely affect the growth of your hemp. Your soil should be high in nutrients and have a pH level between 6.0 – 7.5.  

Water levels for plants

Water is another major factor in how your hemp crop will grow. Hemp crops need at least 20 inches of rainfall to grow, if not more. It’s important to have a good irrigation system to ensure the crops get what they need.  

Weather conditions for the best yield

Another large factor in a hemp crop’s growth is the weather. If conditions in your region are unstable, you might want to invest in a greenhouse. This allows you to control all the external factors for your hemp crop to ensure the highest level of success.

Get your yield started right

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