Europe Jumps Ahead — CBD is No Longer a Narcotic

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Big news in the perception of CBD just happened in Europe. The European Commission reversed a preliminary assessment calling CBD a narcotic. They even went as far to say the popular cannabinoid can become qualified as food.

This is hugely important for the hemp industry. It continues to battle the stigma from hemp’s associations with marijuana. While hemp and Mary Jane come from the same plant — good old cannabis — the compounds are entirely different. THC, the primary component in marijuana, has psychoactive effects. The cannabinoids found in hemp do not. These include CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and D8.

Making the argument for hemp

According to a letter from the European Commission, the change in classification for CBD resulted from the United Nations’ definition of narcotic. Established in 1961, narcotics are those compounds with psychotropic effects. Although CBD has many properties, it doesn’t have those.

The letter also goes on to say that cannabidiol can get qualified as a food if conditions under a specific article get met. The particular section referenced sets down regulations and requirements for new foods. The European Industrial Hemp Association’s novel food consortium is now working toward meeting the necessary safety standards to give CBD approval as a novel (new) food.

A positive change in classification

Without this change to the classification of CBD, the European hemp industry faced serious issues. The preliminary finding had listed all non-medical CBD and other natural hemp extracts as narcotics. This included CBD found in food, supplements, and even lotions and beauty products. Had this judgment stuck, the industry would have taken a huge hit. But luckily, it didn’t.

The reversal of this judgment ensures CBD’s classification as a non-narcotic. The ripple effect of this change can impact national laws and regulations. It may also help generate a broader acceptance of the popular cannabinoid throughout Europe.

Although CBD has been available in Europe for years, this is the first step toward clarifying its place as a salable product. This will decrease law enforcement issues shopkeepers have faced in the past.

Catching up to the U.S.

It’s important for the hemp industry as a whole to take note of accomplishments like this. Although the U.S. legalized hemp in 2018, we still face the stigma of CBD being too much like THC. This impacts who buys hemp-derived products, who feels safe using them, and how states treat the compound.

Although hemp is legal to grow, only 46 states allow farmers to plant it as a crop. Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and South Dakota continue to ban hemp’s production.

It also wasn’t legal to transport hemp, in the U.S. across the entire country until the fall of 2019. Change required a ruling by the United States Department of Agriculture. Today, hemp can cross all state lines without any legal complications.

The U.S. hemp industry continues to grow as we learn more about the potential benefits its compounds can have and its image as a “drug” wanes.

Becoming a part of the hemp industry

As more rulings and regulations loosen up for hemp farmers around the world, you may consider adding the crop to your rotation. In the U.S., the best way to go about this is with the support of a knowledgeable source in the industry.

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