Examining The Relationship Between Hemp & Anxiety

Welcome back to yet another Arbor Vita8/Dr. Riley Kirk collaboration. Today, we’ll be discussing the relationship between hemp and anxiety. Dr. Kirk begins by sharing some interesting facts about how common an experience anxiety is. “Statistically, 20% of people… suffer from anxiety.” Given the high rate of hemp and cannabis usage, the impact of each is worth a closer look.

Below we’ll look at the effect various cannabinoids are reported to have in this case. Be sure to give Dr. Kirk’s TikTok feed a look! It’s got more information on the state of hemp and cannabis than some literature!

Cannabinoids And Anxiety

Let’s take THC, for example. Riley notes how complex of a bond THC can have with feelings of anxiousness. This is “because it exhibits… a biphasic response. This means that low doses can make you feel one way, but at high doses, it can make you feel a completely different way.”

While lesser, more infrequent use has been shown to help calm anxiety, habitual use can have the opposite impact. This is why things like T-Breaks exist. Keep in mind though, it’s recommended that chronic users taper their use gradually so as to not upset this balance. You can learn more about tolerance breaks in our previous blog, here.

Tackle Anxiety With Arbor Vita8

Then, there are your typical hemp based cannabinoids. CBD is a standout, with various reports showing its positive impact on anxiety. CBG, CBN, and more also carry similar effects, though they target different main focus areas.

As Dr. Kirk asserts, the key is ensuring the quality of your products. The less you can trust the source, the less likely it is to deliver on these impacts. You can trust Arbor Vita8’s products. We source only the best and most trusted components when manufacturing our inventory. Contact us today to learn more!


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