Exploring Secondary Metabolites with Riley Kirk

Today’s edition of our collaborative series with Riley Kirk is all about flora. We get an in depth look at how these wondrous beings operate. Riley doesn’t hold back on giving these plants their flowers, no pun intended. “Plants can’t just run away from their problems like humans can. However, we also know that they’re good at protecting themselves against animals… microbes… or even the sun.”

So how does this happen? Read on below for a deep dive into their intriguing mechanisms. We’ll also explain how this correlates to our favorite plant, hemp. You can watch Riley’s full explanation in the clip above. Be sure to leave a like and comment, and follow her if you aren’t already! Her page is an homage to everything cannabis, hemp, and a few other interesting subjects.

How secondary metabolites are made

So what is the process for the noted protective measures? “They protect themselves… [with] a unique subset of molecules specifically for defense purposes… called secondary metabolites.” The connection is that pretty much every one of the useful properties we get from a plant classifies as this. That means your favorite cannabinoids are all considered secondary metabolites. 

It doesn’t stop there, either. This also includes other common plant properties, i.e., “nicotine… or all of the cool toxins that plants make. This begs the questions: what precedes these secondary metabolites? “Primary metabolites are the essential molecules that the plant makes… [helping] with things like growth and reproduction.”

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