How Extraction Leads To Big Hemp Oil Profits

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By Harrison Thacker

What do hemp plants and cash have in common? They’re both green, and they’re usually always together. The hemp industry has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, and for good reason. Consumers continue rushing to claim the plant’s various benefits. Take, for example, hemp oil profits. Extraction has commanded tens of billions of dollars in revenue in record time. Subject matter experts’ best guesses project astounding growth in the next five years. So, what makes these oils such a hot commodity?

History of Hemp

Sourcing hemp for its many uses is an old practice. Its versatile, beneficial properties lasted for centuries before criminalization in the mid 1940’s. Hemp made a legally sanctioned comeback in recent years. Now, the plant is becoming one of the US’s most profitable industries. Hemp’s all-inclusive appeal, supported by its lack of disorienting properties, has opened the floodgates for products. Hemp Oil profits rank among the highest of the plant’s revenue earning components.

Extracting Hemp Oil

Hemp oil profits are rooted in extraction. This refers to the separation of the plant’s operative compounds. Refinement for consumer use comes next. There are many effective methods for extraction, based on what product you’re looking to have in the end. Once mined, the oils undergo synthesis to remove any impurities. The resulting effect produces one of the most dynamic emollients to debut in any market. The plant matter is so dynamic, in fact, that it is capable of producing three variants of hemp oil. 

Hemp Seed Oil

When sourced naturally (unrefined, cold-pressed), hemp seed oil is kelly-hued, with notes of nuttiness. The untreated oil maintains its source’s nutritional properties. This makes it a valuable resource in high demand. This iteration of hemp is near perfect. But, it does have some less-alluring characteristics. For example, because of its unrefined goodness, the oil can have a short shelf life. If it reeks when you take a whiff, it’s a safe bet that your oil is past its prime. This can mean bad news for hemp oil profits.

Conversely, refined hemp seed oil can last quite a long time. The trade off sees treated hemp seed oils losing their color and most of their nutrition. What it lacks in health benefits, though, it more than makes up for with other dynamic features. Petroleum, skin and hair care, synthetic products, and more all illustrate this version of the oil’s usefulness.

Hemp Essential Oils

Hemp essential oils register as some of the most taxing to produce, and costly to buy. Sourced from the outermost area of the flower, the resulting light yellowish-green oil has a therapeutic fragrance. As such, this version of hemp oil appeals to one’s sense of smell. You can use it in its purest form, though it is also often combined with other aromatherapy products. Hemp essential oils often come with a higher price tag than its counterparts before seeing those hemp oil profits.


Last, but not least is CBD/CBG oil. It’s by far the most popular. Commanding billions of dollars on its own, this subsection of hemp leads the charge in normalizing the use of hemp products for their properties. CBD oil, and its more expensive counterpart, CBG, encompass nearly all of the benefits of its hemp-sourced counterparts. They’re medicinal benefits are quickly making them both a popular item to have at home. Be careful, though. The unparalleled demand has caused many to rush into manufacturing products without securing safe and proper extraction methods. This, coupled with the current lax regulation surrounding it, means consumers must be mindful about what they’re purchasing. Hemp oil profits are not worth safety!

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