Farmer Problems: Finding Solutions In Hemp Farming

Today, we welcome back our good friend Brian from Longrun Associates! He joins us to discuss the long range of considerations facing farmers today. These farmer problems can mean the difference between success and failure for a farm. “Pesticides, heavy metals,” and so many other factors plague the industry.

“In the hemp world, farmers have really gotten decimated.” From the start of hemp’s legalization, its struggles have almost equalled its strides. Listen above as the pair do a deep dive into each relevant issue at hand. And fear not. As Brian asserts, “there’s always a solution.”

Overstocked on hemp

Many farmers show immense skill when it comes to harvesting their crop. It makes sense, too, as this is their superlative! It’s the passion and careful touch of someone who sees hemp for the art that it is. The problem often lies in what to do post-harvest.

There are many farmers with excess biomass from their last 2 years of harvesting. They’ve been unable to figure out the best plan to also recoup their investment. Brian assures any farmer in this situation that he and his friends at Longrun can help! They can connect you to quality processing, and assist in the end product’s sale.

Due diligence for farmers

Many problems can be avoided with the proper planning and preparation. “It’s still a relatively new industry and a lot of people still don’t know the game.” We know we’re preaching to choir, but its importance can’t be overstated. This includes your plant’s genetic lineage, processing, post-processing needs, so and so forth. Also, having solid partners and subject matter experts in line cuts the stress down a lot!

How Longrun Associates helps farmers

If your plans involve cultivation, there’s some fool proof due diligence to help keep things up to par. “Get your soil tested… look at your geographic location… see what type of soil you have,” and find a strain the fits best. You can find affordable testing at many regional agricultural institutes. Once you have the test results from your soil, you can take it to partners like Longrun Associates. They consult with subject matter experts to determine your best genetics options.

Keep in mind that each of your farms contributing factors make it unique. For example, take two current Longrun clients in the midwest. They’re only 90 minutes from each other, but their hemp genetic needs are different. Longrun teamed up with the local agricultural college and genetics experts. Together, they were able to settle on adequate solutions for both parties. The team was even able to score a “special nutrient package designed for their location.” This came compliments of cannabis powerhouse HP Nutrients

Arbor Vita8

“Find out the facts of where you’re growing and what’s going to grow there.” You can never be too vigilant when it comes to your hemp. There’s so much to look out for when dealing with hemp farmer problems. Lighten your load with trustworthy partners like our pals at Longrun. If you have any other questions about hemp, feel free to contact us today! Arbor Vita8 is your one stop shop for all things hemp. We look forward to hearing from you!


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