Feeling the Effect of Hemp Faster — It’s Possible

Many consumers use hemp because of the way it makes them feel. While effects differ from person-to-person, people keep coming back to get more of their favorite hemp-derived product. This is because of the effect of hemp on them.

This can mean using hemp makes them feel more relaxed, or decreases their levels of stress or anxiety. It could also help them sleep or help with appetite stimulation. Whatever a person feels when they use hemp, wouldn’t it be great if those benefits kicked in even faster?

Things change when you shrink a molecule

When extracts get made with hemp, at first, the molecules are large. The extract is an oil, which won’t mix with water. This means you can’t dissolve cannabinoids into liquids. But, if you shrink things down, everything changes.

Nano hemp ranges between 1 to 100 nanometers in size. It’s so much smaller than the original hemp molecule that it begins to behave differently. Suddenly, hemp becomes water compatible and integrates all the way with liquids.

The physical and chemical properties of nano hemp are different, but the effects you may feel from taking a nano hemp product are still completely the same.

Boosting absorption rate

Shrinking the molecule size of hemp has another very important benefit — your body can absorb it faster. This is because the molecules become small enough to go through the membranes in your body. Your mouth and tongue are great examples of where this can take place.

With hemp at full size, the molecules must travel through your entire digestive tract. This means that nano hemp absorbs into your body in a little as 10 minutes. It takes standard hemp oil anywhere from 30-90 minutes to do the same thing. Even a difference of 20 minutes to start feeling any effects of the hemp is a vast improvement.

With this faster absorption rate you also get a more effective level of absorption. Because hemp starts entering your bloodstream immediately, nano hemp gets absorbed and utilized anywhere from 450% to 600% better than traditional oil-based hemp products. This means you may even feel more effects from nano hemp because your body is using it more efficiently.

Enhanced bioavailability

What this boost in absorption means is nano hemp has a higher level of bioavailability. This term refers to the ability of a drug or other substance to get absorbed and used by the body. Think of it along the lines of how long something you ingest takes effect.

This is important because once something has to go through the digestive process to get absorbed, you’re already missing out. That’s because our bodies don’t do everything efficiently. Sometimes it misses absorbing valuable molecules in the things we eat and drink. Other molecules simply get destroyed in the stomach and intestines, never making it to your cells.

When a molecule, like nano hemp, has a greater level of bioavailability, it means not as much of it has to go through the stomach and intestines to get into your bloodstream. Absorption starts to happen earlier, and you get access to the benefits of the compound faster without decreasing potency.

Adding nano cannabinoids to your products

There aren’t many claims you can make when it comes to the effect of hemp, but this one is true. Nano hemp gets absorbed faster into the body. What happens after that, what you may feel, is entirely up to you. However, with faster absorption your unique experience will happen sooner and may feel more potent.
At Arbor Vita8, our wholesale nano comes in both a liquid and a powder. It’s perfect for seamless blending into existing beverages and edibles. Our cost-effective solution is 100% water-compatible with almost no taste or smell. If you’re thinking about creating a nano product, contact us today to learn more.


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