Flavonoids: Breaking Down Cannflavins With Riley Kirk

Hemp is truly the gift the keeps on giving. At almost every turn, there’s some new aspect of the plant packed with a new benefit. By now you’ve likely heard all about CBD and THC. But there’s a new compound from hemp that’s been turning heads lately. It’s called flavonoids. To explore the latest finding, we’re joined by our pal Riley Kirk!
As the country becomes more accepting of hemp, its medicinal uses are coming to light more. In this case, the results are astounding. “Cannflavin A and B… [are] 30 times as effective as Aspirin at reducing inflammation.” And that’s only the start of their intrigue! Learn more below.

The steep history of flavonoids

The scientific exploration of flavonoids dates back to the 1980’s. Researchers used cell based models to test the effectiveness of cannabis on inflammation. The results showed “flavins were way more potent”. This is also one of many examples of hemp’s true strengths and versatility. The prospect of this as an alternative to more addictive competitors is clear. There is ample info noting how unforgiving long term use of certain medicines is.
Flavonoids are certainly a thing of wonder. But like anything that sounds too good to be true, there’s a catch. Though cannflavins are present in hemp, they are in very low supply. It takes a significant amount of product to produce any workable throughput. This has also made it difficult to investigate more over the years. The growing positive sentiment around hemp proves hopeful for deeper study moving forward.

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