Flavor Preferences for CBD Oil: A Breakdown

Flavor preferences impact how we feel about anything we eat, and with 10,000 taste buds waiting for their next flavor, we’re working with quite a large audience. So, if there’s something you want to ingest, but don’t like the flavor of, what do you do?

Sometimes you can just switch to a different version. Like if you love soda, but prefer Coke over Pepsi. Or, you love sour candy, but only when it’s watermelon flavor. Most foods provide you with options so you’re not stuck with a single flavor.

This is becoming the norm in the hemp industry as well. Not everyone who enjoys using CBD likes the earthy flavor that comes naturally from the hemp plant. As a result, certain brands have begun flavoring their products to improve enjoyability.

Finding your flavor

Preferences when it comes to flavors cover the entire spectrum. Some want their tinctures to taste like candy, while others want something that feels fresh. You can find CBD products in almost every flavor if you look hard enough, but these are the most popular options.

Mint/ Mint Chocolate

On its own, or mixed with chocolate, mint is not only a refreshing flavor, but that cold feeling we get when we eat it inspires freshness. Mint helps our mouths feel clean. When added to chocolate, mint provides an extra spark, creating even more decadence. A mint chocolate flavored CBD tincture, will help leave your breath fresher and your mouth feeling cleaner as you experience any benefits from the CBD itself.


Another refreshing taste is found within the orange. Any citrus is refreshing, but an orange’s connection to the start of day gives it an extra boost. This is the flavor many of us enjoy, as a juice, with our breakfasts. 

Orange flavor also connects us to summer and warmth, giving the flavor a comforting feel. An orange flavored CBD tincture may be the perfect addition to your morning routine.


Offering up a unique flavor that hits all the high notes, lemongrass is both citrusy and minty. Commonly used in Asian cooking, you’ll typically find this subtle flavor in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. 

There are also potential medicinal benefits to lemongrass, which could work to enhance a CBD tincture even further. Its herbal properties make it a great aid to promote healthy digestion.


Always a good choice when flavoring any item, vanilla has universal appeal. The flavor, as well as the scent, is floral, sweet, and creamy. It reminds us of ice cream and cake — celebrations and relaxation. If you’re enjoying CBD tinctures because you experience a sense of calm when taking them, a vanilla flavor may enhance that sensation.

Going natural for flavor

Even with all the flavor options out there, some people want their CBD to taste like CBD. Derived from the hemp plant, going “au natural,” leaves you with a grassy or earthy flavor. Its bite is sometimes likened to that of dark chocolate.

You need to be careful though, this flavor can quickly turn bitter if the CBD concentration is on the higher side.

Good flavor comes from good quality

Another thing about flavor preferences is quality. You want an added flavor that tastes like it belongs there, without an artificial aftertaste. You’ll know you’re buying a superior CBD product when this happens.
At Arbor Vita8, we offer our tinctures in three different, and popular flavors — chocolate mint, orange, and natural.

You know you’ll get a smooth flavor, whichever one you pick, thanks to our high-quality products. We take such care in what we offer that if we wouldn’t use it at home, we don’t sell it to you. Come take a look at our low prices and superior items in our online store.


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