Genetics and Equipment Costs Affect CBG Price

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Despite high processing costs, cannabigerol has potential. It remains one of the most promising cannabinoids of the industrial hemp industry. Research indicates that cannabigerol, or CBG, has many uses. It may help with pain relief, as well as work as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

One issue impacting access to this hemp compound is that CBG is very expensive to produce. That’s because most current hemp strains are bred to maximize other cannabinoids. The most notable is cannabidiol, or CBD. They naturally make more CBD, which automatically means less CBD. To get high quantities of CBG genetics, a much larger amount of hemp biomass goes through processing. The current ratio is 20 to one versus CBD.

Processing a higher volume of plants, means a great expense.

CBG, Mother of all cannabinoids

Labeled the “Mother of All Cannabinoids,” CBG genetics come from their precursor, cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA. As part of the plant maturation process CBGA naturally converts to CBG. CBGA also acts as an acidic precursor for other cannabinoids. It eventually transforms into CBD when growing hemp. It also becomes tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It’s safe to say that almost all well-known cannabis compounds started as CBG.

Getting the highest yield of CBG

To maximize the harvest of CBG, farmers must harvest hemp early in the plant’s life cycle. Ideally, catching it before it flowers and the CBGA converts into other compounds. This means farmers have to intentionally grow CBG.

Knowing their end product, they’ll also have to plant a larger crop. Two-to-three times as much biomass is still needed in comparison to harvesting CBD. This makes being a CBG farmer much more expensive. Strains with higher CBG content are in development. But, the process of creating new strains can take years.

Equipment costs add to CBG expenses

Another factor impacting the expense of CBG is the equipment needed. Chromatography, the way hemp gets processed for CBG involves expensive equipment. Solvents like ethanol extract the CBG. The solution is then heated in a vacuum to remove any undesirable substances. Currently, it can take thousands of pounds of biomass to end up with only a small amount of CBG.

New benefits argue for the need for CBG

Researchers continue to find medicinal potential for CBG genetics. According to the Journal for Cannabinoid Medicine, some promising studies related to CBG include:

  • A 2015 study in the journal, Neurotherapeutics links CBG and Huntington’s disease treatments.
  • A 2008 study in Journal of Natural Products identified “remarkable” antibacterial and antimicrobial properties associated with CBG. The findings show that CBG may even be helpful in treating a certain type of staph infection, currently resistant to antibiotics.
  • A 2007 study in the Journal of Dermatological Science found potential for CBG in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis.
  • A 1990 study in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics showed there are therapeutic benefits to using CBG to treat glaucoma.
  • Multiple studies are now claiming CBG may hinder tumor growth.

Partner with the right processor to maximize CBG yield

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