GA To Allow Hemp Farmers to Use Out-of-state Processors

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Widening the field for GA hemp farmers, 2021 is going to look a little different. There are two big changes to the Hemp Farming Act. One means an increased licensing fee for processors. The other gives hemp farmers the ability to utilize out-of-state processors.

With only nine processors licensed in the state of GA, the latter change is big news.

Now, Georgia hemp farmers won’t have to work with processors in the state. They have the ability to shop around, locate a quality hemp processor, with space to accommodate the crop. Expanding access gives hemp farmers more ability to grow.

Time to apply for your license

The 2021 application period for a new Grower License in GA is now open. Licenses are good for an entire calendar year, expiring on December 31 unless a situation comes up where the license gets suspended, cancelled, or revoked.

Once you get your license, you’re able to renew it toward the end of the calendar year in which you got it. If you miss that window, you have to apply for a new license at the start of the next year.

What you’ll need

To apply for your Hemp Grower License in Georgia, you’ll need to:

  • Pay a licensing fee of $50 per acre (up to $5,000.)
  • Provide proper tax forms that prove you’re a qualified agricultural producer.
  • Give complete contact information.
  • Share information for locating the specific site where hemp cultivation will take place. This includes both fields or  greenhouses.
  • Provide assorted, additional documentation related to your grow site, when requested.
  • Agree to a criminal background check.

You can find complete details of all the licensing requirements here.

Find your processor early

Those getting a Grower License in Georgia must also provide information on where their hemp will get stored, and who’s processing it. You have to know all this during the application process. This means farmers will need to enter into a partnership with a processor before planting even begins.

This actually works out well for those looking for a hemp partner that does more than process your crop. You can shop around for quality, affordability, and superior performance. You can find a processor capable of handling your entire crop in a timely manner.

Look outside Georgia for your hemp processing needs

Arbor Vita8, located at the border of Alabama and Georgia, provides resources to its partner farmers from the start.

Our seed-to-sale array of services can help you select the right genetics for your hemp crop. We can then connect you with wholesalers to buy your seeds or seedlings at the best price. From there, our expert team provides support during cultivation through our ample resources.

When it’s time to harvest, we can assist with bailing, transportation, drying, extraction, and more. Once you’re at the end-stage, and need to sell, our vetted list of manufacturers help ensure you get the best price for your crop.
With the ability to use out-of-state processors, you no longer have to get caught queuing up to work with someone local. Shift your sights just a little further away and work with the best processor in the South. Contact Arbor Vita8 to learn more.


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