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The legalization of CBD in 2018 has led to an explosion of products for people to use. From tinctures to capsules to colorful gummies, we humans are able to use CBD to help with anxiety, stress, and a variety of other issues. But, what about our pets? They suffer from some of the same mental health and physical ailments we do. If your dog gets stressed every time it thunders, hates when you leave town, has epilepsy, or is just old enough to have some joint pain, you might want to consider CBD for animals.

Pet CBD works the same as CBD for humans

We don’t know for certain how CBD affects pets, but we do know that the compound itself works with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which helps maintain, and keep it in a normal, healthy state. Since both animals and humans have these receptors within their body, it’s safe to say the CBD acts the same way no matter if you have four legs or two. This is why products are available today for both you and your pet.

Pet CBD vs people CBD

Since CBD reacts the same in us and our pets, you might think, “why can’t I just share my CBD with my furry friend?” While there’s no reason you can’t, consider keeping CBD for people to yourself. Human CBD products, especially gummies, can have an artificial sweetener mixed in, like Xylitol. This is toxic for animals. You also won’t have dose suggestions that align to your pet’s size on your CBD. Best to stick with pet CBD for them, and people CBD for you.

How pet CBD can help pets

Anecdotal evidence suggests, especially in dogs, that pet CBD oil can function as an anti-inflammatory. It may treat joint pain and reduce swelling. Just like in humans, pet CBD may help lessen anxiety. Currently studies have shown a correlation between CBD and pet epilepsy, potentially making the compound a good treatment for animals having seizures.

Read the directions

It’s important to follow dosage instructions in order to see the potential benefits without any side effects. Too much pet CBD can make your pet drowsy or cause dry mouth. When starting out with a new product, dose carefully, and watch for your pet’s reaction before increasing it.

Check with your vet first

Before using any products, it’s important to contact your vet. Since these products are still undergoing research, and have yet to get approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it’s best to play it safe. Once you get the green light, opt for organic, liquid products so you have a higher quality oil that’s easier to measure out for each dose. Things like CBD dog treats aren’t as safe since you can’t be sure how much CBD is in each treat.

Shop for quality not price when it comes to pet CBD 

Getting the highest quality CBD products can help ensure you’re getting a safe, tested product that is specifically designed for your pet. At Arbor Vita8, we put the same care into selecting products for pets as we do for people. Our full-spectrum pet tincture has clear dosage instructions based on the weight of your animal. With hemp oil extracted using advanced techniques, you know you’re getting the best CBD products when you buy from Arbor Vita8. Visit our online shop today.


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