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By Noah Chen

The hemp industry has changed a lot since the crop became legal in 2018. In fact, it’s expected to grow from a $5 billion industry to a $20 billion industry by 2027.

As farms grow and manufacturers thrive, demand for specific industry knowledge increases. Across the country, colleges have begun offering courses on hemp farming, genetics, and even the plant’s history to help meet these demands.

If you’re looking to start growing your own hemp crop, get into CBD production, or just want to learn more, it’s time to take a class.  It’s actually a possibility to study hemp in college.

Hemp in the curriculum

You can definitely argue in favor of adding a hemp class to your course list. Not only is it part of  a growing industry, but it’s more profitable than farming many other crops. Harvesting an entire hemp croup can earn you thousands of dollars more than corn or soybean per acre.

Where is the right place to study about hemp?

Because the industry is relatively new, there’s no official accreditation agency for hemp classes yet. This has led to a bad crop (pun intended) of unaccredited private schools offering less-than-stellar classes at a very high cost.

For the time being, the best bet is to study hemp at schools with accreditation in other agricultural areas. These schools will have classes of a higher calibre because of the standards they’re upheld to in other, related areas. They should offer classes in hemp farming, biology, economics, and chemistry.

Can I get a degree in hemp?

Many colleges that offer classes in hemp offer them in tandem with classes on the marijuana industry. There aren’t yet many degrees specifically targeting hemp. But, any class related to the cannabis plant can teach you a lot about the ins and outs of the hemp business itself.

For instance, a four year degree at Minot State University gives you valuable information on hemp genetics. You also get hands-on lab time to learn cannabinoid extraction, a process that isolates multiple compounds from hemp, including CBD.

The Medicinal Plant Chemistry degree at Northern Michigan University, focuses on hemp and cannabis. NMU was the first college in the U.S. to have a four-year degree in this specific area.

Other colleges are moving toward offering hemp majors by starting with a smaller track. At  Colorado State University Pueblo, students can take part in a 22-credit program. This earns them a Cannabis Studies Minor.

If you don’t want an entire degree that’s laser-focused in hemp, try just one course. Hemp Essentials, at Purdue University is an online class. It covers the history, science, and economics of hemp. At only three months long, this course might be the perfect way for you to learn if a future in hemp is right for you.

What comes next after I study hemp?

After studying hemp, it’s time to decide whether you want to pursue it professionally. This can mean farming, manufacturing or even opening up your own store to sell hemp-derived products. There are also many opportunities, within the supply chain, to participate in this thriving industry.
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