Greenhouse to Field: Tips for Transplanting Hemp Seedlings

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Transplanting hemp seedlings from a greenhouse to the field can be a tricky process. There’s often a short window of time, and if it’s not done right, the plant can die from the sudden change in environment.

It’s common to have questions when preparing for your first transplanting. Whether you bought your seedlings from a supplier or grew them yourself, here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to transplanting hemp seedlings.

Should I acclimate them to the new environment before transplanting?

Yes, young hemp plants need some time to harden before they can go into the field.

Hemp often starts its life in the greenhouse where it’s easier to control the environment. Once they’ve sprouted and the weather is right, the seedlings are ready to start the transplanting process.

The entire process takes a week to ten days. For the first day, the seedlings should go outside in a shaded area that’s well-protected from harsh winds. After an hour, bring them back to the greenhouse. Be sure to check your seedlings for signs of shock during this initial exposure. If the leaves start to curl at all, return them to the greenhouse until they stabilize.

Repeat the exposure process for several days, extending their time outside by a few hours each day. Afterward, they can go in direct sunlight, starting with an hour at a time, then gradually longer for a few extra days.

After a week or two of this entire process, your seedlings should survive getting planted in the field.

How do I transplant hemp seedlings that I didn’t grow myself?

If you bought your seedlings from a supplier, there’s a good chance they’re already hardened for the field. Still, it is always best to ask as every company has different processes.

You’ll still have some considerations to keep in mind, even if you purchased your seedlings. You’ll still need a shaded staging area for when your seedlings arrive that’s big enough to accommodate your entire delivery. The average plant tray is 1.7 square feet, and you don’t want any plants left exposed in the sun for too long before they are in the ground.

Communicate with your supplier on how to stage the deliveries. Depending on how many acres you’re planting, there’s a chance the deliveries will get staggered across multiple days. Ease into the first day so you can make adjustments on the fly to maximize the success of your transfer.

How do I know if my seedlings are ready for transplanting?

Most seedlings need about three weeks of growth within a greenhouse before they’re ready for transplanting outside. As the hemp plants grow, watch the stems near the base of the plants. Once they become “woody” and see more stable, you’ve got another sign that your seedlings will survive the transplant process. From there, you can begin the hardening process to prepare them for their new home.

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