Grow the Richest Hemp Flower With Genetics From Arbor Vita8

It all starts with genetics. The best plants grow from the right seeds. You want plants that are strong and resistant to things that harm hemp plants. The best plants also have the best hemp flower; that’s aromatic, potent, and rich in oil. To get everything just right, it’s important to start right. Let Arbor Vita8 help make that happen.


The Look of a Hemp Flower​

Female hemp flowers have the highest concentration of cannabinoids, the star compound that leads to CBD and CBG. They’re distinct in appearance thanks to trichomes, the fine crystalline structures on the plant. They make the buds look frosty. In addition to being a hub for CBD, this particular part of the hemp flower also contains terpenes, which gives hemp its distinct aroma.

Lines Of Flower In A Big Indoor Garden Arbor Vita8

Common Hemp Flower Uses

Whether the whole hemp flower is smoked or it’s processed into oil for other products, there are many ways hemp flowers get used. Primarily though, CBD or CBG oil gets extracted from hemp flowers. These two products are what most manufacturers want to infuse into their products.

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Extracting CBD

CBD oil, in its pure form, is what comes right out of the extractor. As is, you can use it as a tincture applied directly under your tongue, or added to food or beverages. It’s also a primary ingredient in CBD edibles like gummies. To help reduce muscle pain, it’s added to topical products like lotions and balms.

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Extracting CBG

CBG works best when ingested. For that reason, extracted CBG oil is often sold as a tincture or incorporated into edibles. It’s even available as a pill. For those who like to smoke, you can find CBG vape cartridges. You can even mix it with your existing CBD product of choice for an extra boost.


Use Your Hemp Flower Right With Arbor Vita8

It’s not just about processing your hemp flower at Arbor Vita8. In order to ensure you get a superior product in the end, we work with you from the beginning. Our complete seed-to-sale selection of services and support extends through the entire process. We share our experience and knowledge with hemp farmers like you to make sure your CBD or CBG product is top-of-the-line. From helping you find the right genetics to assisting with harvesting, drying, and extraction, we’re here to help. We even have manufacturer connections to help sell your final product. Experience a win-win situation in hemp farming with Arbor Vita8.