Heavy Metals In Vapes with Dr. Riley Kirk

Vaping has been a popular choice among various consumer audiences for a considerable period of time. But, there has also been speculation that its components consisted of damaging contents. Today, Dr. Riley Kirk is here to discuss the results of a new study on vaping and its effects.

The study focuses on “heavy metal contamination in vape products.” The sections below note the findings of the study, as well as Dr. Kirk’s take on the matter. It’s an interesting read that may be of real value to vape users. Read on to learn more! Also, be sure to check out the rest of her videos on her awesome TikTok account!

Reason For Concern?

“Usually when you hit a vape, there’s a metal coil in there that’s heating up your product to vaporize it.” The point of the research was to determine if this had any impact on the vapor deposits as a result of these compounds mixing under intense heat.

This would cause those “heavy metals [to get] into you. Excessive metals in our body can cause neurotoxicity, lung cancer, and other respiratory issues.” For this research, a small group of select cartridges were studied. They found some metals, albeit in very small, non-jeopardizing amounts.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in the clear yet. “Temperature and also time” are some of the greatest contributing factors to vape use. Keep your vape in cool, temperature controlled environments. Just one hot day in the car can do more damage than you think!

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