Hemp And Hops: How Beer And Cannabis Are Related

Yes, you read the title right. Hemp and hops are a unique pairing, and their relationship deserves further exploration. And no, this isn’t an advertisement for cross-fading. There’s an actual, legitimate link between the two buds. The cannabis “family is a relatively small family of flower and plants.”

We’re excited to be joined by recurring guest Riley Kirk. The 4th year PHD candidate also delivers tons of information about hemp on her TikTok page. Check out the full video above!

How are hops like hemp?

Cannabis is the obvious star of the family tree. It has also occupied the main stage a great deal in recent years. However, there’s another popular member of the family, known as humulus lupulus. Or as you may have heard it mentioned in popular culture, hops.

You know how terpenes give cannabis its smell and features. Hops are like the beer equivalent. They hold the grand distinction of dictating a beer’s taste. Just like with cannabis plants, the female seeds produce the abundance of what you’re looking for. The result is a great deal of “economic value”. This also justifies both of their places as integral parts in the creation of their product.

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Looking for some entertaining and informative TikToks about hemp? Not everybody has time to read those lengthy studies and reports full of technical terms. Get the full scoop in a digestible format on Riley’s feed. You can check out our last collaborative post here!

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