Hemp And Our Poop: Is There A Connection?

Yes, you read that right. No, we aren’t joking. While we appreciate elementary humor as much as the next fellow, this is the real deal! There is actually a correlation between poop and hemp use. As always, our good friend Riley gives us a full breakdown of how hemp impacts your body’s breakdowns.

As always, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illnesses. Hemp is an intriguing crop whose true benefits are still being mined and researched. Still, the science that is available suggests some pretty interesting findings.

So is hemp a crock of poop or what?

Many hemp and cannabis users report feeling encouraged to have a bowel movement after use. Even Riley has a funny quip about this regarding her partner. But what is the exact connection? The answer lies in our cannabinoid receptors! The “endocannabinoids that our bodies makes are involved in gut motility and inflammation.”

These collide with the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies to varying degrees. This could serve as an explanation for why so many users report such effects. Also, “people have been taking hemp seeds for hundreds of years to help with constipation.” Riley cites a study that notes a huge drop in constipation for cannabis users.

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It’s awesome that hemp’s afforded the opportunity of credible research. For years, we simply couldn’t know on a real level the benefits of this crop. But now, more studies are coming forward to shed light on the subject. Riley credits her sources at the end of the clip, if you’d like to read them in detail!

As always, we’d like to thank our pal Riley for all of her hard work and for sharing her intellect. Have any more questions about the hemp industry? Head on over to our contact page to schedule a consultation today!


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