Hemp And Religion: Is There A Connection?

Dr. Riley Kirk is back with another amazing topic on her Tik Tok feed. In the clip, fellow Tik Tok influencer Zara Zahava give a unique take on the prospect of cannabis & hemp and religion. The dialogue is quite interesting!

As always, be sure to check out the rest of Dr. Riley Kirk’s content. You’d be hard pressed to find another social media source that’s so thorough and spot on in their analyses. All of her clips are back by scholarly sources, and gives a quick and easy to understand recap of all things cannabis!


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Is Cannabis Kosher?

So where does this discussion on hemp and religion begin? In the clip, Dr. Kirk spotlights a recent post from Zara. Zara recently noted how a recurring inquiry on her page is whether or not cannabis is kosher. You may be surprised to learn that it is! Zara is of the Jewish faith, and was able to quote scriptures from the Torah validating this.

She notes how in “the very first chapter of the Torrah, God said ‘I give you every seed bearing plant that is upon the earth. Every tree that has seed bearing fruit, they shall be yours for food.'”

All Due Respect From Arbor Vita8

Before we continue, allow us to say that we hold a tremendous amount of respect for all beliefs and walks of life. Hemp and cannabis are an opportunity to bring cultures together, and in that unity should be grace, understanding, and respect. We commit to observing that principal in each and every one of our endeavors.

Hemp being a common shared experience makes this communal effort all the more simple. Regardless of background, many people appreciate it for its many intrinsic benefits. Want to learn more about this kind of quality hemp? Contact us today!


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