Hemp Biomass vs Smokable Hemp

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Hemp plants are generously packed with compounds such as CBD and CBG. These can deliver a wealth of support, treating ailments from aches and pains to anxiety. Hemp biomass is a common way to channel these properties. This refers to how farmers prepare hemp for extraction. Complex equipment, automated systems, and accommodating facilities all play a part.

Likewise, hemp flower, prepped for smoking purposes, undergoes a completely different process. This approach necessitates several preventative considerations. You have to know which type of hemp you’re growing from the start to factor in these special considerations. But, is one more favorable to grow than the other? When it comes to farming hemp, should you harvest the flower, or catch the plant early and use all the rest of its parts?

Hemp Biomass

When properly prepared, hemp biomass can yield roughly 10 percent CBD. The ultimate goal is to convert the biomass into CBD or hemp extracts for future products. Unlike smokable hemp, biomass consists of the plant’s stems, stalk, and leaves. It’s harvested in much larger quantities, which are then processed on an industrial scale. You get more raw material to work with, and a more diverse list of products you can create. Tinctures, lotions, capsules, and a variety of edibles and drinkables can all contain extracts from hemp biomass.

The one challenge farmers may face in growing hemp like this is the sheer volume of materials they’ll work with after harvesting. Bailing and transporting it to the processing facility can become difficult, especially if there’s a time constraint. Additionally, it takes a certain type of equipment to work with this much quantity at once. Finding a processor with the right equipment and proper-sized facility isn’t always easy.

Smokable Hemp

The process for cultivating smokable hemp differs a great deal from hemp biomass. First, farmers are dealing with only one specific part of their hemp plant, the flower. Having to focus so carefully on that most likely means a smaller crop. Too many plants and it’s hard to keep a watchful eye. And, it’s important to watch closely since plant care is different. Hand-trimming takes place to maintain the buds, and you need to pay close attention to pest control.

Harvesting is it’s own special process as well. With hemp biomass, a machine can come in and take care of things for you. Some even cut and bale on the spot. When harvesting flower, many farmers handle things by hand.

When farmed right, smokable hemp can contain up to 15 percent CBD, which is slightly more than you’ll get, on average, from hemp biomass.

The final verdict

So which of these options is better for farmers? The truth is, it depends on the farmer’s goals and expertise. Both approaches need extensive attention and knowledge. They both have their areas of high expense. The trick is to make a decision before you even put your first plant in the ground. That way you’ll pick the best strain for the yield you’re looking for, and you’ll be sure to have all the right tools to get the best hemp crop possible.

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