Hemp Cultivation & Harvesting

From high-quality genetics to comprehensive harvest support, Arbor Vita8 has the necessary experience and know-how to guide our partner farmers toward better hemp yields and higher profits.

CBD Hemp Seeds - Alabama
Hemp Cultivation in Alabama

Build A Thriving Hemp Operation With Our Expert Assistance

While the hemp industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom, the path to success is littered with potential pitfalls. That’s why we’re committed to giving our partner farmers the expert guidance they need to be successful – from seed to harvest to sale.

It starts with our exceptional custom genetics, which are developed by our partner scientists to deliver premium CBD and CBG flower with THC levels below 0.3%. Resistant to the elements and disease, these hand-picked strains of feminized seeds can be organically grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Whether our material ends up in a vaporizer or in a topical skin cream, we want customers to know that it’s as safe as we can make it.

Once you plant our seeds – we can currently support plots of 500 acres with our partner farmers – you’ll want to continually monitor your fields for THC spikes or the emergence of male plants. For knowledgable farmers, this close attention to detail ensures your crop has the best chance of passing state-mandated tests prior to harvest. Depending on your specific circumstances and home state, there are various remedial steps that can be taken in the event of increased THC levels, either in the field or post-harvest in our drying & extraction facilities.
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Hemp Harvesting

Many farmers lose a lot of money because they don’t have proper harvesting procedures in place. The optimal harvest window for hemp can be quite narrow, and it requires careful planning if you want to avoid damage from birds, pests, or mold.

Fortunately, our growing experts have perfected this delicate and timely process through years of trial-and-error. When we manage your harvest, you can rest easy knowing that your crops will be removed properly and without damage. From combining to baling to transportation to our 75,000-sq-ft facility for drying and extraction, we handle every step with care.

How Does Hemp Toll Processing Work?

Your specific business objectives, the size and quality of your crop, and external factors like market volatility will all dictate our approach to toll processing. Typically, our toll fees will range from $0.75 to $2.50 a pound for drying and $25.00 to $35.00 per pound for extraction based on these factors. For those who already have an outlet to sell their oil, it is returned as soon as we receive payment. We can also help farmers sell it through our network for a pre-negotiated brokerage fee.

Another option we offer our toll split partners is to divide the post-extraction oil between both parties. Prices and split percentages will vary depending on the quality of your hemp samples as well as the time needed in our facilities for extraction.

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  • Price per-pound hemp extraction services
  • Brokering on a percentage basis

Hemp Farm Consulting

Our success is tied directly to the success of our partner farmers, so we have every incentive to ensure your operation runs smoothly from seed to sale . We’ve seen what happens to farmers who lack proper support or have untrustworthy vendors prey on them. It’s why we focused on building a system that’s a win-win for all parties involved, whether you need large-scale harvesting support or just some extra guidance. When you’re ready to break into the hemp cultivation industry, it’s critical to work with a partner that understands the entire process.

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Hemp Farm Consulting

Experience The Arbor Vita8 Difference

Hemp is our life-blood. Its harvesting and cultivation is something we care deeply about. More than just a cash crop, we view hemp as a valuable resource that can help people heal in a variety of ways. These views are reflected in every ounce of work that we do. 

With expertise in both agriculture and commercial manufacturing, our team is one of the few that can support a true seed-to-sale partnership. For the inexperienced, hemp farming can be costly and stressful. Why should you put yourself through that? Our partnership means better deals on seeds, harvesting and processing, higher yields and profits, and a familiar, efficient workflow. If you’re looking to cultivate 500 to 800 acres of hemp crops, we’re ready to do business with you! Reach out today to learn more.