Hemp Drying Solutions: Featuring Ryan Kelly

Our latest edition of the Arbor Vita8 Podcast features one of the newest additions to the AV8 team. Ryan Kelly is now our Vice President Of Drying Production Operations. He’s also heading the latest extension of AV8, Arbor Vita8 Dry. As such, it was only right to bring him along for our discussion on hemp drying solutions.

Today, we’ll discuss Arbor Vita8 dry. We’ll also use Ryan’s expertise to guide our talks on drying needs. You’ll get a firsthand look at how these solutions support the hemp community. You can watch the conversation in full above, and check it out on our SoundCloud player below!

“Drying drama”

Arbor Vita8 is no stranger to the headaches that can come with hemp drying. This “drying drama” has included experience with machines of all capacities. From entry level, to $1million dollar plus equipment, we’ve seen it all.

After crossing paths with Ryan and his team, Jason notes that a partnership was a no-brainer. Not only did they have ambition, but their foolproof regimen showed quality results. They help you avoid these struggles, while instituting efficient, on-site solutions. Read on for a deep dive into Ryan’s background in the space.

Getting a start in hemp drying

Like many, Ryan’s experience in the hemp field began after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Knowing the many benefits associated with the plant, Ryan seized the opportunity. He decided to join the budding industry as a grower. There was just one problem: no one on the team had any growing experience.

It became clear that this, and other common entry level efforts in hemp were out of the question for them. They kept finding themselves back at the drawing board. It was by process of elimination that they “landed on drying,” and we couldn’t be happier that they did.

Time is of the essence

From the outside looking in, the drying aspect of hemp can be tricky. “We always joke it’s the least sexy step,” says Ryan. Still, it’s an integral part of the process. Upon completing your harvest, time is precious. Failing to get solid drying solutions for your crop can lead to massive losses in quality. Also, the moisture in your plants will draw mildew, mold, and more disastrous elements.

Jay notes a client who saw this develop as quickly as 2 hours after harvest. Ryan backs these claims, saying “these spores are everywhere, always.” At the same time, the same thing that makes hemp so valuable is the same thing that puts it at such a high risk. Terpenes react to the spores and other elements in the environment immediately.

Arbor Vita8 Dry

As always, thank you for listening to The Arbor Vita8 Podcast. We’d also like to reiterate our welcome of Ryan Kelly, as well as his drying partner Ray Mazzie to the AV8 team. Ray is now our Vice President Of Drying Business Operations. We look forward to seeing their contributions help push the hemp community forward. For hemp drying solutions, or any other hemp related inquiries, contact Arbor Vita8 today!


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