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Our partners are developing new genetics, testing thousands of phenotypes, isolate those phenotypes with modified cannabinoid profiles and testing for stability and yield. Our partner scientists dedication to excellence in research and development mean they will always deliver a stable, genetically isolated seed that gives our partner farmers the best chance of success. Their CBD levels average in the 13-17% range, our low THC (0.3%), High CBD genetics will farmers crops won’t spike with THC. All of our farmer’s strains are hand picked for the purpose of industrial growth and harvest by creating the highest quality feminized hemp seeds.

The overall benefit to using feminized industrial hemp seeds over traditional mixed sex seed is that it reduces the cost of producing an all female crop while avoiding the often high alternative cost of relying upon female clones as starters. 

Seeds will go from roughly a 50/50 male/female split with traditional seed stock, to an over 99% female output, reducing the number of males that must be culled from the crop in order to avoid pollination of the female plants in the room or field. 

Our partner farmers are skipping all the synthetic additives and choosing to stick with pure, all natural hemp. That way our product is solid from seed to shelf and can be trusted and safe. Do it right or don’t do it. 

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The more you know the better informed you will be about hemp and the processes associated with cultivating the product.

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