Hemp Holidays: The Gift Of Cannabinoids

The holiday season approaches, and you’re faced with the same question as last year — what do I get for gifts?

While you can’t always pick the ideal gift for everyone on your list, take a look at what hemp has to offer. You may just find enough unique gifts to really get your friends and family excited about tearing through that wrapping paper.

Finding the right gift is big business

The shopping bug bites many people, but has its highest levels of success leading up to the holidays. Something about shopping, en masse, for others, is addicting. In 2019 alone, the average holiday shoppers spent a total of $942 on gifts.

While traditionally, the majority of gifts are clothing and accessories, things are starting to shift. This year, it’s projected that health and wellness gifts will hit it big, and hemp is already perfectly positioned to accommodate these shopping needs.

With so many different types of products, something with hemp in it can work for just about anyone.

Shopping for portability

The great thing about buying hemp-derived products, in addition to them being more in demand than ever, is they’re easy to transport. Most come in smaller containers, making them automatically travel-sized. You can easily take a variety of hemp gifts with you wherever you’re going for the holidays.

Matching the right hemp product to each person

Not all hemp products are the same, and many people have preferences when it comes to ingredients and the form the product is in. To make it easier to match product to propose, this handy gift guide should prove helpful.

To promote health

Although most claims connected to hemp products and health aren’t yet confirmed by the FDA, research into this special plant is already very promising. Many users share their own experiences allowing us to connect hemp to possibly helping:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower stress levels
  • Make it easier to relax and even sleep
  • Decrease inflammation in joints and muscles

Everyone has a different experience with hemp, so it’s best to ask friends whether they find any benefit to using it before giving it to them. If they are into it, certain products work better in this area.

Buy tinctures for those who experience a lot of benefits from using hemp. The quick absorption of this product means they won’t have to wait long to start enjoying their gift. Arbor Vita8 tinctures even come in three flavors — natural, orange, and chocolate mint, so you customize your gift by taste.

Arbor Vita8 also offers Zero THC tinctures for those new to hemp who prefer to try it without even a tiny bit of THC.

Another way to enjoy hemp discreetly, that makes a great stocking stuffer, are CBD gummies. This gift is perfect for the person who likes to enjoy hemp during the day, while out and about. They can pop a gummy or two and nobody around them will be the wiser.

To support personal care

Another area where hemp is making a big splash is in personal care products. Everything from lotion to makeup can contain a hemp compound.

Adding CBD to skin care products may even help:

  • Clear up acne
  • Soothe sensitive skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Cure chapped lips
  • Reduce eye puffiness
  • And more

Giving a hemp-derived gift in this area shows you’re thinking outside the box, getting something functional that’s just a little bit different than what you normally find on store shelves. It shows you’ve put some thought into your holiday gifts.

To surprise the family pet

You don’t even have to leave pets off your list when it comes to hemp. Pet tinctures are easy to give your pet and those who use it have noticed less anxiety in their furry friends. This could help your pet weather those loud thunderstorms or just cope better while you’re away celebrating the holidays at the homes of your friends and family.

Start shopping

Getting your friends and family hemp-derived gifts this holiday season will not only enable you to think beyond the normal slippers and bathrobes, but also give them a chance to experience the potential benefits of this versatile product.
To start your shopping, visit the online store at Arbor Vita8. Our competitively-priced, high-quality products are some of the best you’ll find out there. We don’t sell anything we’re not comfortable using in our own homes, so see what we have available today.


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