Hemp Journal Submissions: An Open Call

One of the biggest restraints on hemp has been its lack of credible, scholarly research. Now that the floodgates have opened, there’s been more efforts at shortening this gap. The Journal of Cannabis Research has released a general call for hemp journal submissions. It’s aimed at supporting their “new thematic series… ‘The Two Sides of Hemp: Medical and Industrial‘”.

This effort seeks to shed light on the many uses of hemp. Their focus is its purported healing properties, and also its growing exploits in an industrial capacity. We at Arbor Vita8 are in full support of this effort. See more details on submission requirements below!

The Journal Of Cannabis Research

The call welcomes all “original research and review papers.” However, there are some subjects of particular note on their radar. These “include, but are not limited to:

  • History, ethnobotany and domestication
  • Genetics, genomics, breeding, and synthetic biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Chemistry of hemp
  • CBD : medical effects, production and also regulation
  • Hemp production and management
  • Fibre hemp
  • Seed and oils
  • New materials developed from hemp
  • Plant-microbe interactions
  • Current status: regulation and policy”

The process for uploading papers is very user friendly. Also, the work will be subjected to the site’s typical evaluation guidelines.

Partnering With Arbor Vita8

We encourage any and all scribes to contribute their hemp journal submissions. Arbor Vita8 has its own Journal Review highlight series, and we’d be happy to review yours once it’s posted! This all bodes well for the future of hemp culture, and we want to support any way we can!
Whether you’re a processor, farmer, or in retail, Arbor Vita8 is the partner you need. Our extensive network allows us insight into virtually all aspects of the industry. Have more questions for us? Head on over to our contact page, here. We’ll figure out how we can best support your needs!


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