Hemp Lab Testing: Full Panels No Bullshit With Arbor Vita8

Today’s episode is a momentous occasion. Jason is joined by the entire Arbor Vita8 Leadership Team. Galen Kelly, Sundeep Dhaliwal, Justin Jeffries, and Scott Patterson all check in. The subject at hand is hemp lab testing. This is a hot button issue in the hemp field.

We begin with a thorough breakdown of testing policies by Galen. He and Justin both go to great lengths to discover quality testing sites. “The big testing are full panels. [Here you] get your cannabinoid profiles… cbd content… overall cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals, all the traces,” and more. In theory, this should give you a solid understanding of your crop’s quality.

The Problem With Panels

That said, there are many different factors that vary across sites. Some test products differently than others, and this is apparent in the results. Jason recalls samples “[sent] to three different labs, and [got] three different results.” Each sample came from the same batch, “homogenized at the same time.”

Unfortunately, this is not a unique experience. Many farmers may even end up suffering penalties for misreporting their crops’ quality.  Not to mention, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting so that you can know what you’re giving. No one wants a damaged reputation over something outside your control. So what’s the solution, then?

Finding the right hemp testing sites

The Arbor Vita8 team committed to finding the most credible service providers. The search was successful, too! One of the most recent additions is New Bloom. The team came across the Tennessee based lab at an expo in Montgomery, Alabama.

We also have another lab partner, this one based in North Carolina. It’s run by our good friend Jeff, who’s DEA certified to test there, as well as in neighboring states. There are also more sites within our network whose results we’re more than happy with!

The key to quality test results

Justin lays out the key to Arbor Vita8’s success when it comes to testing. “As a large processor… we do the due diligence ourselves to seek out the best lab to work with. We also have multiple labs test the same product from time to time,” to ensure things are dress right dress.

For farmers, one of the best ways to ensure good test results is a careful cultivation process. Think of plants as being impressionable. Anything they’re exposed to, they embrace, for better or worse. Arbor Vita8 can help you avoid those pre-testing concerns. Our big network of service providers will get your hemp in peak condition before testing.

Working With Arbor Vita8

The horizon for hemp continues to show great promise. Everyday, there’s some new aspect of yet another field that finds benefits from it. As Justin notes, it’s even being eyed for remediation in Brownfields. Quality hemp lab testing is just the tip of the iceberg!

Have any more questions regarding the hemp industry? You’re in the right place! Arbor Vita8 is your full service hemp partner. You can schedule a consultation with us on our contact page here.


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