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Arbor Vita8’s high-capacity, cost-effective hemp processing services help our farming and manufacturing partners beat the bottleneck – and boost bottom lines through greater yields. Reach out today and see how we can help you grow!

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The flourishing hemp industry is full of possibility, but commercial farmers and manufacturers also face a lot of potential pitfalls. From processing bottlenecks to unreliable partners and underdeveloped infrastructure, we’ve experienced it all firsthand. In fact, it’s these experiences that drove us to create our fully licensed, farmer-grade, 75,000-sq-ft hemp processing facility on the border of Alabama and Georgia.

Our team of accomplished experts come from a diverse range of business and agricultural backgrounds. We operate on the belief that our core principles – reliable follow through, knowledgeable expertise, and deep relationship-building – are just as effective for hemp as they are for other industries.

So if you’re looking to jump on the hype train or make a quick buck, then we’re not the partners for you. But if you’re serious about growing, processing, extracting, and selling the highest quality hemp products, then we encourage you to reach out today and learn more about our comprehensive services.

Our Commercial Hemp Processing Services

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Hemp Drying

In today’s booming (but underdeveloped) market, it is very difficult to find vendors who can even dry and process large quantities of hemp – let alone do it with dedication and care. Our high-capacity, high-tech dryers help facilitate clean, safe hemp drying – all at a breakneck pace of 10,000 wet pounds per hour.

When hemp is dried properly and quickly, the quality and size of your yield is maximized. On the other hand, you may experience spoilage, fungal mold, or bacterial contamination in hemp that is harvested too wet or dried too slowly and without proper ventilation.

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Hemp Extraction

Arbor Vita8 uses an ethanol extraction process because our research has shown it to be the cleanest, most cost-efficient method. While most other methods require “winterization,” or further cleaning of crude oil after an initial extraction, our ultra-low solvent temperatures allow us to bypass this step. That means we can extract up to 5,000 pounds per day while maintaining a high standard of quality, with less than 1% tested loss.

Beyond crude oil, we also have the capability to further refine your product into full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (T-free) distillate. Our efficient removal process requires extensive washing and ensures your end product has 0 parts per million of any impurities or solvents, including ethanol.

Experience The Arbor Vita8 Difference

Hemp farming ain’t easy. As former farmers, we know firsthand that crops can spoil in the field, processors can leave you hanging, and con artists can talk you out of a fair share of the profits. So we built a better way.

The best dryers. The best extractors. A beautiful, clean, 75,000-sq-ft building on the border of Georgia and Alabama, built to make the industry better and help make our farmers’ and manufacturers’ businesses better. At Arbor Vita8, you can always expect:

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Hemp Drying

With a capacity to dry up to 240,000 wet pounds and extract up to 5,000 pounds each day, we are one of the few processors who can handle industrial volumes. Operating at this scale allows us to pass on big savings and critical efficiencies to our valued partners.

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We’ve invested our time, money, and effort to create the preeminent extraction facility in the Southeast. It was built by certified engineers at Entexs to meet or exceed applicable codes, like ASME and NFPA. And with our fully automated, high-tech process, we can effectively offer the most competitive prices and results.

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Whether it’s ensuring that every drop of your product is preserved in our lossless processing system, or helping you navigate the logistical challenges of getting your crops from the field to our facility, we understand the value that a little bit of extra care can add to any operation.

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