Hemp Processing

See how Arbor Vita8’s state-of-the-art facilities are helping hemp farmers and manufacturers avoid the processing bottleneck.


Hemp Wholesale Products

Whether you’re a hemp farmer or a commercial hemp manufacturer, Arbor Vita8 can help you buy and sell high-quality hemp products.

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Hemp Retail Products

We offer consumers a broad selection of full-spectrum and T-free tinctures, topicals, and more. Check out our selections!


Hemp Drying

Finding a reliable and high-capacity hemp dryer is one of the most pressing issues in our industry. Before you risk losing your crop to moisture-driven spoilage or other contaminants, see how our 24/7 commercial drying facility can help hemp farmers dry up to 10,000 pounds an hour.


What Is Hemp Drying – And Why Does It Matter So Much?

Hemp drying is a critical step that must occur before you can extract CBD and CBG oil. Historically, it has been a time-consuming and manually intensive process, with limited capacity and unpredictable results. Depending on a number of factors – weather conditions during harvest, if the hemp is baled or fresh cut, how long it’s been stored since harvest – the initial moisture content can be up to 85%. Using a hemp dryer, you need to get that level down to about 8% or lower for optimal extraction.


When hemp is dried carefully and quickly (ideally within hours of harvest), you can dramatically increase the volume and quality of your oil yield. On the other end of the spectrum, a mismanaged or excessively slow drying process can render your crop unusable.

Our Hemp Drying Process

The best drying partners will plan for every contingency during the critical time right after harvest. They should provide you with clear guidelines for prepping and delivering your harvest to ensure optimal processing, and automate the drying process in order to limit human interaction with your crop and avoid contamination. That’s where Arbor Vita8 comes in!

It’s also why we partnered with the drying experts at Thermal4, spending more than $1M to create a fully enclosed, automated drying system that retains as much CBD and CBG oil as possible. A drying capacity of 10,000 pounds per hour (and ample storage space in our 75,000-sq-ft facility) also supports these efforts to help hemp farmers avoid waste.

Our process is simple and effective. First, hemp cuttings are loaded onto a conveyor belt that feeds into an industrial-strength grinder, which then reduces the cuttings to the optimal size. Fun fact: Once the hemp is loaded onto the conveyor belt, no humans will touch it until after it’s been dried. Unlike other dryers who lose a lot of product by mishandling your crop in a sub-par environment, our enclosed system ensures every bit of your crop travels from the grinder to the screw press. This press then feeds into the tumble dryer. Finally, the dried hemp travels along the last conveyor belt and is bundled into super sacks.

Before processing another customer’s hemp, we also collect any leftover product while cleaning the tumble dryer, which ensures you get the maximum yield. We can even support high-capacity hang drying for premium products like smokable hemp, which cannot be subjected to high temperatures without compromising the flavors that make them so marketable.


Experience The Arbor Vita8 Difference

Hemp drying is just one part of our complete seed-to-sale pipeline, but we recognize just how important that step is for hemp farmers and manufacturers. Millions of pounds of hemp are lost each year due to a lack of reliable access to commercial dryers. Before we decided to fix the problem ourselves by creating Arbor Vita8, we even had to watch some of our own hemp crops break down into a useless, soupy mess.

Our goal is simple: Preserve your crop and maximize your investment. Whether you have plans to extract with us right away, take the dried hemp to another processor, or need to store dried hemp with us until extraction facilities are available, we have the flexibility and infrastructure to support your needs. If you’re serious about hemp and all the planning that goes into a successful harvest, then let’s get to work. Reach out today to start the conversation!