Fresh Harvested Hemp Drying

Getting freshly-harvested hemp out of the field and on to the next step of processing quickly can make a big difference. Drying is the first step, and whether you do it yourself or use the services of a hemp processor, moving fast means less risk for mold and any issues that could leave your crop permanently damaged.



Maximizing Quality With a Quick Move to Drying

Not only does fresh harvested hemp drying mean less risk of damage to your crop it also helps improve quality. The quicker hemp gets dried after harvesting, the better quality the products are that come from the crop. This goes for edibles, medicinal products, and even fibre for clothing.

The trick is to ensure your drying process, whether you do it yourself or not, is done quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.

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Avoiding Risks With Fresh Harvested Hemp Drying

When the drying process for hemp goes too slowly, or hemp stays too wet for too long, a variety of issues can occur that may severely impact your crop. Your hemp may get dirty or even worse, contaminated by fungi or bacteria. This can lead to your entire crop becoming spoiled and unsaleable. Delays in drying, or an improper process, can also lead to a loss in the CBD within your plants.

Avoid these problems by acting fast after harvest. Get your hemp dry.

Drying Hemp Properly

There are two ways in which you can effectively dry hemp. Picking the right drying conditions for your plants is often dependent on the type of hemp you’re growing and what you’re planning to use the plant for.

Arbor Vita8 offers both hang drying and the use of an industrial hemp dryer, with careful attention to detail every step of the way. From our hang-drying facility with almost one million square feet of available space to our batch dryer that can handle 10,000 pounds per hour, we provide drying services that get the job done right.


Hanging Hemp to Dry

Because this process is more involved, hanging hemp to dry requires a few extra steps than simply harvesting, trimming, and sending your hemp off to an industrial dryer.

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Trimming During Harvest:

As you harvest your plants, make sure to cut them with enough stalk remaining to hang the plants. You want to leave at least a foot of the stalk on the plant.

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Setting up the Drying Room:

Next, is getting the hemp to a properly prepared drying facility. This space needs to have enough room to accommodate your crop,with the right temperature, airflow, and humidity. Keep the drying room between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity between 45-55%. If you’re worried about airflow, add a fan that can gently circulate the air.

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Hanging Your Hemp:

If you’ve harvested your hemp with shorter stalks, or only have the buds, you can use a drying rack to make the process easier. If you have long stalks, hang your hemp upside down from the ceiling. Make sure the plants aren’t so close together that leaves overlap. This could restrict airflow across the entire plant.

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Drying Time:

There’s no set drying time for hemp when you hang it dry, but expect the process to take anywhere from five days to about two weeks. It all depends on the conditions of the room and size of your space. To test whether a plant is dry, cut off a small branch and break it. If it immediately snaps, the plant is dry. If it bends a little first, leave your plants hanging for a bit longer.

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Once dry, curing finishes the process by taking the crunch out of your plants. Put dry flower into air-tight containers to allow what moisture is left in the plants to gently rehydrate the bud. Store containers in a cool, dry, and dark room. To allow for airflow, open the containers a few times a day the first week, and then every few days the remaining weeks. The whole curing process can take anywhere from two to eight weeks and helps improve the quality of the plant.


Dry With the Experts at Arbor Vita8

No matter your preference for drying your hemp, Arbor Vita8 has you covered. We have almost a million square feet available to accommodate your hang-dry needs. Not only that, our services in hang drying extend well beyond the space. You also get:

  • Ample space to hang dry your crop.
  • Curing of colas and buds within a climate-controlled space.
  • Whole plant bucking.
    Super sack packaging for remaining biomass.
  • Plant moisture monitoring.
  • Bud size sorting and trimming.
  • Vacuum packaging.
  • Climate controlled storage.
  • For sale listings and brokering.
  • Pre-roll services including grinding and packaging.
  • B2B order fulfillment and co-packing.
  • Product branding and distribution.

For those wanting to speed up the drying process, we’ve partnered with Thermal4 to create a fully-enclosed, automated system with a drying capacity of 10,000 pounds per hour.

At Arbor Vita8, we know the hemp industry. We understand how vital properly drying your hemp is to the entire success of your crop.

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