Smokable Hemp Flower Drying

Hemp flower drying is all about bringing the plant to the perfect consistency and flavor for the best smokability. Arbor Vita8’s careful attention to the drying process and expert knowledge can help you create yet another hemp-derived product that consumers want.


What is Smokable Hemp Flower?

Before too much processing takes place, you’re left with hemp flower in its whole form. It contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, so it has a fragrant smell and enticing flavor. Once dried, hemp flower becomes smokable. By breaking it up and rolling it up, it’s yet another hemp-derived product consumers can use to enjoy the many benefits of hemp.


Why Does Hemp Flower Need Drying?

Right after it’s harvested, hemp flower is too moist to smoke. Putting it through a proper drying process can help increase potency, improve flavor, and enhance the quality of the final product, which is smokable. During drying, 10-15 percent of the moisture content in the hemp flower gets removed.

For those not interested in ingesting products with only one or two extracted compounds, smokable hemp flower gives you a pure product that’s fully-loaded, to enjoy.


The Process of Drying Hemp Flower

Smokable hemp flower drying is a longer process and differs from the process of drying biomass. Arbor Vita8 does that too, in our state-of-the-art, virtually touchless drying system. Our system typically takes a day or less to dry large quantities of hemp, drying hemp flower is a multi-day activity. Taking it slow ensures there’s no damage to the trichomes, cannabinoids, or terpenes.

Proper drying techniques begin with the cleaning and trimming of harvested hemp. You then remove unwanted leaves before tying the flower up and hanging it upside-down using a string or wire. Drying racks can also work, but the most important piece to drying is space. You need a lot of it. You also need the right conditions in your drying room.

These include:

  • Darkness.
  • Temperatures between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity levels that stay between 45-55 percent.

The key is to keep the drying room conditions consistent to prevent any alterations to the taste of your hemp flower.


Once drying is complete, the hemp flower gets moved to air-tight containers for curing. Curing can take between four and eight weeks. During this process, what moisture is left in the hemp flower begins to rehydrate the plant just a little. This increases the quality of your smokable flower as it locks into place the smell, taste, and appearance of your product. It’s another step to enhance the aroma and flavor.

Sealed containers belong in a dry, cool, and dark room during curing. While it’s a lengthy process, you don’t just pack up the hemp flower and forget it. You’ll need to open the containers on a regular schedule to allow some moisture to escape and oxygen to enter.

  • In the first week, open containers several times a day.
  • In subsequent weeks, open containers once every few days.

Each airing of your hemp should only last a few minutes.


Finding Full-Service Drying

Arbor Vita8 not only has the space, about a million square feet, to accommodate your drying needs, we also offer a complete array of services related to preparing and processing your hemp flower. These include:

  • Ample space hang dry your crop.
  • Curing of colas and buds within a climate-controlled space.
  • Whole plant bucking.
  • Super sack packaging for remaining biomass.
  • Plant moisture monitoring.
  • Bud size sorting and trimming.
  • Vacuum packaging.
  • Climate controlled storage.
  • For sale listings and brokering.
  • Pre-roll services including grinding and packaging.
  • B2B order fulfillment and co-packing.
  • Product branding and distribution.

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to worry about your hemp flower at any step of the process, giving you the ability to deliver a superior product, with confidence.


AV8’s Hemp Flower Drying Process is Perfect for Smokability

The process of drying hemp flower to smokable perfection can be long. It also requires a lot of space and personal attention. However, this work pays off when you’re left with a superior product that smells, tastes, and looks the best.

At Arbor Vita8, the quality of smokable products directly relates to the drying process, and we take each step seriously. With extensive industry experience and over one million square feet of space to hang dry, we can accommodate your crop of hemp flower. Our attention to detail ensures your hemp is cared for by the best hemp processor out there today. Not only that, but while your hemp dries, you can take advantage of our other seed-to-sale array of services, all of which provide you with quality options that support successful hemp farming.

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