Crude Hemp Oil Extraction

Before hemp is processed into any number of hemp-derived products, such as topical creams, edibles, or tinctures you must extract crude oil from the dried crop. Arbor Vita8 provides the expertise, infrastructure, and high-capacity, seed-to-sale pipeline that both farmers and commercial hemp manufacturers need to safely and successfully extract, process, refine, and use crude hemp oil.


What is Crude Hemp Oil?

As the name suggests, producing crude hemp oil is just the first step in the extraction process. Crude hemp oil contains all of the cannabinoids (including CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and low levels of THC), terpenes and flavonoids found in hemp. From there, it can be further processed into a range of distillates, isolates, and other refined products – much like crude petrochemical oil is refined into kerosene, gasoline and other types of fuel and oil.

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How is Crude Oil Extracted from Hemp?

There are several methods for extracting crude oil from raw materials. Each method provides its own pros and cons, making it possible for different processors to use different options.

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CO2 Extraction:

This method turns carbon dioxide into a liquid in order to use it as a solvent. It’s efficient, and expensive, but it will get you a high concentration of your chosen cannabinoid within the final product. CO2 extraction is also completely non-toxic.

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Hydrocarbon Extraction:

The solvents in this method are anything from butane to propane, which do an excellent job of separating your desired cannabinoid from the rest of the crude oil. However, hydrocarbons are extremely toxic, and extra pains must be taken to remove the solvent completely from the oil before processing is considered complete.

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Ethanol Extraction:

Selecting ethanol as your solvent gives you the best of all worlds by providing a process that’s efficient and inexpensive. Ethanol also evaporates completely during the extraction process leaving you with a safe, non-toxic finished product.

You can also extract crude hemp oil using a non-solvent extraction method, but these processes are very labor intensive, and can lead to inconsistent concentrations of your preferred cannabinoid.


Deciding which extraction
process to use

At Arbor Vita8, our machinery operates using the ethanol extraction process. Not only is it cost-efficient and clean, but our fully-automated system allows us to produce the best oils at the best cost. Our streamlined process maintains ultra-low solvent temperatures, which means we save you the step of having to winterize your crude oil. Not only that, but we’re able to reuse our solvent more than once, making our extraction system better for the environment.


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What is Crude Hemp Oil Used For?

Ultimately, there are thousands of consumer and commercial products that use crude hemp oil and its refined byproducts. This list includes items containing CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN — all of which start out as crude oil before becoming the tinctures, creams, balms, and edibles you see on the market today. Vaporizer products, edibles, topical creams and balms – the list goes on and on.

To support so many different uses and products, there are also a variety of refinement levels that take crude into even purer oils and distillates.

This can leave you with one of two primary categories of refined hemp – full-spectrum distillate and t-free distillate.

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Full-spectrum Distillate

Full-spectrum CBD distillate – also known as “whole plant CBD” – features all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp. This includes trace amounts of THC, and compounds like terpenes and amino acids. It is the least refined and least expensive of the two distillates we produce, but the most widely used thanks to the entourage effect, which enables certain cannabinoids to enhance the effects of each other when combined in a single compound.

T-free (Broad-spectrum) Distillate

Broad-spectrum CBD distillate is even more refined than full-spectrum, eliminating the trace THC amounts found in the latter. That’s why it is typically known as “t-free” distillate. To accomplish this, we use liquid chromatography to remove the THC at low temperatures – all while saving the other cannabinoids and important compounds like terpenes and amino acids. This option is perfect for people new to using CBD products and those who want to be sure they’re not ingesting any THC.


Arbor Vita8 is Ready to Help With Your Crude Hemp Oil Needs

Whether you’re a hemp farmer or a commercial manufacturer, it’s important to focus on the crude oil you’re producing or using to create products. The best oil fetches the best prices and creates the best products. It starts with the seed and ends with a product sale, so Arbor Vita8 built a facility and a pipeline that supports the entire process.

When you get to the extraction stage, our ethanol-based process extraction is fast and efficient, extracting up to 5,000 pounds of crude oil in 24 hours by using a fully-automated process. No human touch points means no impurities, giving consumers a safer product while protecting your investment.

When you’re ready to get serious about hemp cultivation and extraction, we’ll proudly stand up our capacity, capability, and comprehensive safety standards against any competitor in the market.

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