CBC Oil Extraction

CBC or cannabichromene functions just like its sister cannabinoids when it comes to extraction. Through Arbor Vita8’s superior methods and equipment, extracting CBC oil from your hemp crop means ending up with a high-quality product manufacturers can’t wait to buy.


What is CBC Extraction?

Found in tropical strains of the cannabis plant, CBC, or cannabichromene is the second most-plentiful cannabinoid within hemp. CBC oil is increasing in demand across consumer markets thanks to its potential for a broad assortment of medicinal benefits.

Molasses colored CBD crude hemp oil in a glass beaker

Even as a lesser known cannabinoid, CBC extraction can produce high yields since this single compound can make up to 64% of a hemp plant’s cannabinoid profile. 

While these levels deteriorate as THC is produced in cannabis plants, the same issue doesn’t occur when farming for hemp, which requires that plants contain 0.3% THC or less.

Extracting CBC From Hemp

Like all cannabinoids, CBC comes from the flower of the hemp plant. Unlike other cannabinoids, like CBD, CBC appears to work at its best through the entourage effect. This is when you intentionally mix one cannabinoid with others in order to enhance the effects of both. 

For this reason, extracting CBC into a full-spectrum oil may create a more effective product. Full-spectrum oils contain a little bit of all the cannabinoids occurring naturally in hemp. The featured cannabinoid, in this case CBC, would exist in the highest quantities among the mix. THC, would be at the lowest.

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Using Ethanol Extraction for CBC Oil

For CBC extraction that’s both safe and environmentally conscious, Arbor Vita8 uses a solvent-based extraction process with ethanol. This involves soaking the hemp for a brief period of time in the ethanol. During this time, plant waxes dissolve. Evaporation then takes place, separating the desirable compounds from those that are unwanted. What’s left is oil.

With advanced facilities capable of managing a high volume of biomass for extraction each day, Arbor Vita8’s experienced staff can. extract almost anything from hemp. We’re able to create high-quality hemp oils featuring the cannabinoid of your choice.

As a farmer this is especially beneficial since it allows you to extract specific cannabinoids to cater to the market’s demand even if it changes between planting and harvesting your crop.

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Readying Extracted CBC Oil

Once extracted, the next thing to think about with CBC is product. While consumers do enjoy CBC on its own, it may function better when mixed. As a result, you’ll often find CBC and other cannabinoids, like CBD with the same products. 

What Is CBC Oil Used For?

Consumers are just beginning to notice the possible health benefits from ingesting CBC. Users today are noticing the potential for CBC when it comes to:


Reducing inflammation


Decreasing pain


Managing anxiety and depression


Stimulating brain cell growth


Reducing brain swelling


Slowing tumor growth

In addition to natural anti-inflammatory properties, CBC may also work as an antifungal.

CBC Products

Many CBC-based products available today are topical compounds. These include salves, body butters, balms, and lotions.

CBC is also an ingredient found in certain full-spectrum CBD oils. Usually included in only trace amounts, other cannabinoids will feature on the ingredient list as well.

Very few edibles contain only CBC. To find gummies or capsules with this cannabinoid, consumers will need to look for those made from full-spectrum oil instead.



CBC Extraction Services With Arbor Vita8

Using top-quality equipment and an efficient, fully-automated extraction process, Arbor Vita8 can extract any cannabinoid you’d prefer. No matter which of the big six you want, our industry knowledge and top-notch facility helps us deliver a superior product. With services extending from seed-to-sale, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From CBD to CBC and beyond, let us be your hemp partner.

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