CBD Crude Oil

After you’ve harvested your hemp crop, dried it, and processed it, you’re left with crude oil. This is the initial product that eventually becomes the compound you find in CBD products. Working with an expert like Arbor Vita8 makes sure that the CBD crude oil extracted from your pants is of the highest quality. Our industry knowledge, infrastructure and high-capacity, seed-to-sale pipeline helps both hemp farmers and manufacturers get what they need to safely and successfully extract, process, and use CBD crude oil.


The Extraction Process

Extracting CBD crude oil from hemp plants involves separating the lucrative oil from the raw materials of the crop. While there are several different ways to do this, at Arbor Vita8, our fully-automated ethanol extraction process is both cost-efficient and clean. Our process minimizes the need for your plants to come into human contact during the extraction process. This means no impurities and a safer product for consumers.

CBD oil in a bulbous glass container perched atop a cork holder


Further Distillation

Collecting crude hemp oil is only the first step in the extraction process. The initial product can undergo further processing to become a range of CBD distillates, isolates, and other products. Each level of refinement changes the cannabinoid composition of your oil, allowing you to create t-free products or full-spectrum distillates, in addition to other high-quality compounds in high demand.

Where You’ll Find CBD Crude Oil

Whether you have your CBD crude oil undergo further processing, or keep it as is, there are thousands of commercial and consumer products that use CBD oil and its byproducts. The list is continually growing as manufacturers market new CBD-infused products. Today, the most popular include:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Vaporizer products
  • Lotions
  • Capsules

In addition to these, you can find CBD-infused beverages, a wide variety of edibles, and more. Deciding which product is right for you is based on individual need and preference, but the variety means everyone is accommodated.



Let Arbor Vita8 Help With Your CBD Crude Oil Needs

Success in the hemp industry means both farmers and commercial manufacturers should concentrate on producing and using superior products. Whether that means the best genetics or high-end extraction processes, quality oil fetches top prices and creates the best products. At Arbor Vita8, we focus on superior products from seed-to-sale. Our ethanol extraction is fast and efficient, extracting up to 5,000 pounds of crude oil per every 24 hours with a fully automated process. When you’re ready to get serious about hemp cultivation and extraction, we’ll proudly stand by our capacity, capability, and comprehensive safety standards as above any competitor in the market.

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