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One of the most important parts of hemp processing is extraction. After harvesting and drying, the next step is deciding what you want to get out of a hemp crop. For most, it’s high-quality CBD oil. This popular compound is found in a variety of products, and at Arbor Vita8, our high-tech and efficient extraction process guarantees you superior CBD oil.

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What is CBD Extraction?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound within the hemp plant. It’s one of many cannabinoids that can get extracted as an oil. What makes CBD unique is the quantity you can collect from a single plant. It’s pretty high. The abundant yields that come from extraction give you a lucrative product to sell to manufacturers.


You also have options as to the type of CBD oil you create. Based on the level of refinement your oil undergoes, you’re left with different products. 

  • If you want totally pure CBD oil, you’ll need to remove all the other naturally occurring cannabinoids to create an isolate.
  • If you keep those extra compounds in, you have a broad-spectrum, or t-free, distillate, which is also popular thanks to the entourage effect.
  • If you want to retain a little THC in addition to the other compounds, but keep it within the legal, 0.3% limit for hemp, you can make a full-spectrum distillate.

All options are easily achievable through the proper CBD extraction process if you know upfront the end-product you want.

How is CBD Oil Extracted from Hemp?

CBD oil extraction is managed with the help of proper machinery and a solvent to separate the unwanted plant matter from the desired compounds. While there are a variety of ways in which to do this, some are a little safer than others.

At Arbor Vita8, our ethanol extraction process combines the best of all existing practices. We use food-safe ethanol (basically alcohol) to remove the risk of toxic materials entering into our extracts. It doesn’t require any additional machinery or time to prepare it for use. Ethanol is also reusable as a solvent between batches of hemp biomass, making this process environmentally- friendly and cost-effective.

Mixing the hemp with ethanol as it’s heated up naturally encourages the separation of wanted and unwanted parts of the hemp plant. After saturation occurs, at the right temperature, there’s an evaporation step, where dissolved plant waxes disappear, and concentrated cannabinoids, in oil form, are left behind.

The initial extraction process typically takes the hemp biomass and extracts crude hemp oil, which is further refined to an isolate or distillate. However, Arbor Vita8 conducts their extraction at a lower temperature than most, allowing us to skip this secondary step and get the oil extract you want the first time around for even more savings.

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What is CBD Oil Used For?

Converting your entire hemp crop into CBD oil is often a wise choice. The cannabinoid is very popular, which is why it’s important to find a processor with enough capacity to work quickly. At Arbor Vita8, our extractor can tackle up to 5,000 pounds of dried biomass per day. We work efficiently, quickly, and safely using our fully-automated, no-touch equipment.

Once you’ve extracted CBD oil, it’s time to explore all the ways in which individuals use it. Consumers want CBD oil in multiple forms because of all the ways it may improve overall health. From capsules to tinctures, balms to lotions, gummies to other edibles, products with CBD oil can’t hit the shelves fast enough thanks to all the suspected benefits to using the compound.

Research is still underway, and none of the benefits have been certified yet, but users may find that CBD oil helps with chronic pain, anxiety, or inflammation. For those with certain illnesses, there’s evidence to suggest that CBD might aid in the treatment of migraines, epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s, and more. The effectiveness of any CBD product is solely based on user experience though, there’s no guarantee you’ll see any improvement in any condition if you use it.

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Deciding What Type of CBD Oil to Try

While manufacturers worry about what products they’ll transform CBD oil into, it’s during the extraction process itself where you pick which type of CBD oil you’ll make.

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil includes multiple compounds from the hemp plant. CBD will feature as the most prominent, but you’ll also find varying levels of other cannabinoids as well as trace amounts of THC. As long as the THC content is at or under 0.3%, it’s legal to sell as hemp-derived.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD undergoes further refinement so that all traces of THC are removed. It’s also known as t-free distillate, and is a great option for those new to using hemp in any format.
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Arbor Vita8 Makes CBD Oil Extraction Safe and Easy

Meeting the needs of consumers is at the heart of how to approach extraction. Demand will dictate what manufacturers want and how far farmers take the CBD extraction process when it comes to the type of oil they create. No matter what’s currently “in” though, consumers always want quality, and Arbor Vita8’s attention to detail and high-end machinery makes that possible.

With the ability to create any type of hemp-derived oil, our ethanol extraction process goes above and beyond to ensure superiority. Our fully-automated process means we work efficiently, and our no-touch system means impurities stay out of the hemp and oil. The capacity, capability, and standards of our CBD extraction services are unmatched. Check us out today to see what we mean.

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