CBG Crude Oil

Farming hemp is all about the finished product. The plant itself is just the first stage. Once you’ve harvested your hemp crop, dried it, and processed it, that’s when you really have something to sell.

Initially, after processing hemp you’re left with crude oil. This is what eventually goes into CBG products. Working with experts like those at Arbor Vita8 ensures the CBG crude oil extracted from your plants is of the highest quality. Our industry knowledge, infrastructure and high-capacity, seed-to-sale pipeline provides support to both hemp farmers and manufacturers. Our expertise helps everyone get what they need to safely and successfully extract, process, and use CBG crude oil


Where CBG is Used?

No matter the level of refinement your CBG crude oil undergoes, there are thousands of commercial and consumer products that use it and its byproducts. The list continues to get longer as manufacturers market new CBG-infused products. Today, some of the most popular include:  

  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Vaporizer products
  • Isolate powder
  • Protabs
Pile Of CBG Cannabigerol Capsules On A Hemp Leaf With White Background Arbor Vita8
Blue Toothpaste Being Squeezed Onto The Bristles Of A Toothbrush Arbor Vita8

You can also find CBG in beauty products, toothpaste, and more. Deciding which product is right for you is based on individual need, budget and preference. While CBG products tend to be more expensive than CBD, the variety means you won’t have trouble finding your perfect match.


The Extraction of CBG Crude Oil

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Extracting CBG crude oil from hemp plants involves separating cannabidiol and aromatic terpenes from the raw materials of the crop. While there are several options to successfully extract crude oil, Arbor Vita8 uses a fully-automated ethanol extraction process. This is both cost-efficient and clean. Not only that, but our machinery can extract up to 5,000 pounds of crude oil every 24 hours. The ability to reuse the ethanol also makes it more environmentally friendly. Our process decreases the need for human contact during the extraction process. This means we leave your plants alone, preventing impurities from passing through, and creating a safer product for consumers.


Further Distillation

Collecting crude hemp oil is only the first step in the extraction process. The initial product is ready to use, but you also have the option to process the oil further. This gives you a range of products from CBG distillates and isolates, to others. Each level of refinement changes the cannabinoid composition of your oil, allowing you to create t-free products and full-spectrum distillates, in addition to other high-quality compounds manufacturers are using today.


Arbor Vita8 Helps With
All Your CBG Crude Oil

Quality is key when it comes to hemp. Farmers and commercial manufacturers want to make and use only the best products. Whether that means starting with high-end genetics or using top-quality extraction processes, the best oil gets you the best prices and makes the best products. At Arbor Vita8, we focus on superior products from seed-to-sale. When you’re ready to get serious about hemp cultivation and extraction, our capacity, capability, and comprehensive safety standards stand out against any competitor in the market.