CBN Extraction

Known for its calming effect, cannabinol or CBN, is another non-psychotropic compound found within the cannabis plant. While harder to collect than its more popular sibling, CBD, CBN is gaining more attention. But, is it worth extracting CBN from your hemp crop? Possibly. Even with higher extraction costs, research is already tracking the cannabinoid’s possible medicinal implications, giving CBN extract more value as an ingredient in consumer products.


The First Cannabinoid

Ask those knowledgeable in the hemp industry which cannabinoid reigns supreme and they’ll answer, “CBD,” without a thought. Its popularity isn’t in question, but it wasn’t the first to clue people into the fact that hemp has a lot to offer. That distinction falls to CBN. Its discovery in the 1940’s means we know a lot about this cannabinoid.

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CBN extract is unique in the cannabinoid family because its concentration increases as a hemp plant ages. Oxygen and heat degrade any existing THC found in the plant into CBN. This means its quantities are limited unless farmers have the capabilities to allow their hemp crop to age a bit longer than what’s typical.

It’s also possible to increase CBN quantities after a hemp crop is harvested. The longer cut plants are stored, the more opportunity you provide for THC to convert into CBN.

This makes the details of how to extract CBN a little different. It’s a slightly trickier cannabinoid to capture, but with the right growth and storage strategy it’s possible to get saleable quantities of the first cannabinoid.

CBN-Heavy Strains

Growing hemp for CBN extraction may mean changing your preference in genetics. Since most cannabis strains available today produce about 3-5 percent CBN, it’s important to make a careful selection. 

There are actually certain hemp plants considered CBN-heavy. Strains can even be genetically engineered to have higher levels of CBN extract. If cured right, any cannabis variety that produces THCA will naturally contain a higher amount of CBN, but you can play to the odds by being selective in your choice. Some of the common CBN-heavy strains available today include Animal Cookies, Maui Dream, and Phantom OG. They’ll give you better results when extracting CBN for profit.



The Benefits of CBN

Even with the hurdles of CBN extraction, it’s worthwhile to consider the cannabinoid as a lucrative byproduct of hemp farming. As research continues to present itself, the potential for CBN to provide specific medicinal benefits grows. A few possibilities include CBN’s use as an:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-convulsant
  • Sleep aid
  • Pain reliever
  • Bone cell growth stimulant
  • Appetite stimulant

There may even be a correlation between CBN and neurological diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s.

The Connection to Sleep

Studies have shown that CBN may be effective as a natural sedative, which means it might help with sleep. This positions CBN as a potential remedy for those suffering from insomnia or who struggle to get a full night’s rest on a regular basis.

For consumers who use CBN as a sleep aid, they discover it works differently than what’s on the market today. CBN activates the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate many bodily functions. Instead of simply helping users stay asleep, which many sleep aids do, CBN may help treat the underlying issue. This could mean eliminating the groggy feelings many still face after using an over-the-counter sleep aid today.

Extracting CBN

The best way to extract CBN is to use one of the same processes that work with the other popular compounds from hemp. At Arbor Vita8, our preferred method of extraction uses ethanol as a solvent.

Extracting CBN begins by processing the harvested hemp plants. After drying occurs, biomass is broken into smaller pieces. What parts of the plant are used is based solely on the end product desired. Initial extraction takes the plant pieces and immerses them in ethanol. The solvent then works to separate the plant into its respective parts. After applying heat, the ethanol evaporates, taking unwanted compounds with it. What’s left is hemp oil, a mixture of all the cannabinoids contained within the biomass.

About 1700ml of CBN distillate in a glass beaker on a silver table

From there, further refinement enables us to extract the exact cannabinoid we’re looking for. In this case, CBN. The end result is a pure CBN distillate, which can go to manufacturers to make consumer products.


Get the Process Done Right

It’s no secret to learning how to extract CBN. But, if you’re looking for an expert extractor to produce superior CBN, Arbor Vita8 is here to help. Our combination of industry experience and top-notch equipment, all contained in a high-end facility, put us above the competition. We can help you create the highest-quality extract possible. From CBN to CBD, and everything between, we use our fully-automated, ethanol-based extractor to generate a cleaner product. Our methods are more efficient and environmentally-friendly too.

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