Hemp Distillate

Hemp distillate is refined from hemp crude oil and used in the creation of many CBD and CBG products that require a consistent level of purity. Arbor Vita8 helps farmers extract high-quality distillate and provides commercial hemp manufacturers with the best extraction products for their specific needs. See how our extraction expertise and high-capacity facilities can be a boom for your growing hemp business!


What is Hemp Distillate?

Distillate is a hemp extract where all organic materials and compounds are meticulously removed, except for the desired cannabinoids (typically CBD, CBG, or THC). In other words, it has been “distilled” down to a more pure form. The most prominent cannabinoid will be featured in the oil’s name, e.g., CBD Distillate. It is usually flavorless and odorless, and manufacturers can use this potent oil on its own or infuse it with other products. 

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What is Distillate Used For?

Due to hemp distillate’s lack of taste or aroma, manufacturers often use it as a base ingredient in edibles and vaporizer cartridges. Other common edible bases, such as cannabis butter, can add a dry and bitter taste to the final product (bleh). Distillate gives manufacturers a greater degree of control in that regard.

It also gives manufacturers greater control when they need to adhere to the desired (and sometimes, legally mandated) ratio of CBD/CBG-to-THC. This is important when manufacturers are producing CBD and CBG products for medical purposes, such as pain or anxiety relief.

Find The Right Distillate For Your Needs

With so many different commercial applications, there’s no one-size-fits-all hemp distillate that will suit all production needs. We offer several key varieties, and we’re always working to expand our capabilities. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or you are looking to buy or sell a specific distillate you don’t see listed here.


Full-Spectrum Distillate

Our full-spectrum distillate (also known as “whole plant distillate”) features all of hemp’s naturally occurring cannabinoids. That includes trace amounts of THC and compounds like terpenes and amino acids. It is the least refined of the two major distillates we produce, and we sell it in bottles, buckets or barrels.


T-Free (Broad-Spectrum) Distillate

Broad-spectrum distillate is even more refined than full-spectrum. It eliminates the trace THC amounts found in full-spectrum, which is why it is usually called “t-free” distillate. We use liquid chromatography to remove the THC at low temperatures while saving the other cannabinoids and important compounds like terpenes and amino acids. We have t-free distillate available in bottles, buckets, or barrels.


Produce, Buy, and Sell The Best Hemp Distillate With Arbor Vita8

Quality matters at every step of the cultivation, processing, and extraction process for hemp distillates. Farmers want to know their extractor is using the best technology and methods, so they can produce high-quality distillate that maximizes profits. Meanwhile, manufacturers need raw materials that ensure a consistent strength and flavor profile for popular items like vape cartridges and edibles. We call it the seed-to-sale pipeline, and we built Arbor Vita8 to support both farmers and manufacturers at each critical juncture.

Our ethanol extraction is fast and efficient because it uses a fully automated process. Automation is critical to protecting your investment because it limits human touch points on your product, which can introduce impurities. We believe our capacity, capability, and comprehensive safety standards stand up against any competitor in the market, and we encourage you to see for yourself by reaching out today.

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