Create the Best T-Free Distillate

There are many products you can get when refining hemp crude oil. T-free distillate is one of the most pure,and highest quality. Creating t-free distillate starts at extraction.

This stage must get done right into order to have a superior product in the end. At Arbor Vita8, our high-capacity machinery produces top-quality distillate for our partner farmers. From there, we take your t-free distillate and sell it to commercial hemp manufacturers. We know quality when it comes to   distillates, and our superior expertise and attention to detail will outshine the competition.


Refining Down to T-Free

Using an ethanol extraction to process hemp, Arbor Vita8, provides an affordable and environmentally-friendly approach to the first stage necessary to create t-free distillate. Our machinery is not only fast and efficient, but also fully automated. This means less risk for user error as well as batch contamination. Because of this, we’re able to create a high-quality product that’s pure from the start. 

After the initial extraction of hemp oil, further refinement creates t-free distillate. This flavorless and odorless product is missing all the unwanted organic materials and compounds still present in the hemp oil. This includes very small amounts of THC. What you’re left with is a purer product.

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2, 1000 ml jugs of golden Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

T-Free vs Full-Spectrum Distillate

T-free distillate is unique because of the level of refinement it undergoes. It’s refinement to the extreme. All trace amounts of THC are removed in addition to other unwanted compounds. This product is ideal for those wanting to experience the potential benefits for CBD or CBG without introducing any THC into their system. 

Full-spectrum distillate is also available for those okay with a little THC. Unlike t-free, full-spectrum distillate contains the cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp, including compounds like terpenes, amino acids, and a very small percentage of THC. You’ll still have a hemp product that won’t leave you feeling high, but it won’t be t-free.


T-free Distillate Uses

Demand for high-quality hemp products, especially those using t-free distillate, is growing all the time. This may relate to the potential therapeutic effects currently linked to both CBD and CBG. Both compounds have a t-free version. And, since t-free distillate is tasteless and odorless, it easily integrates into many different products. You can find it today in products ranging from edibles to beauty products to vaporizer cartridges.

Products containing t-free distillate are in demand in both recreational and medicinal markets. The compound may offer treatment for those suffering from muscle and joint pain, anxiety, and even stress. Both CBD and CBG t-free distillate are earning a reputation as an anti-inflammatory as well.


Refining the Best T-Free Distillate at Arbor Vita8

Successful hemp farming is all about quality. From cultivation, to processing, to extraction, how you handle your plants at each stage greatly impacts the final product. This is especially true in refining t-free distillate. 

At Arbor Vita8, our seed-to-sale collection of services lets us help both farmers and manufacturers refine, buy, and sell the very best distillate. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to support both farmers and manufacturers at each critical juncture, beginning even before the first seed or seedling gets planted. When you’re ready to make a t-free distillate, we’re able to help you get the best-quality product in the most efficient manner.

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