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CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is one of the products refined from hemp crude oil. A secondary product after the initial oil is extracted, it’s a product with a higher level of quality and purity.

Getting a superior CBD distillate starts at extraction. At Arbor Vita8, our high-capacity facility allows farmers to extract top-quality distillate. From there, we’re able to supply commercial hemp manufacturers with the best CBD distillate for their specific needs. With a level of expertise and attention to detail that outshines our competition, Arbor Vita8 knows quality when it comes to CBD distillate.

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Extracting CBD Distillate

At Arbor Vita8, we rely on ethanol extraction to ensure we have an affordable, environmentally-friendly process. Our machinery is fast, efficient and fully automated, allowing us to create a high-quality, pure product with practically no interaction with any contaminants. Hemp oil results from the initial extraction. CBD distillate is then created as a flavorless and odorless product after hemp oil goes through a secondary refining process. At this stage, all the unwanted organic materials and compounds are removed, leaving you with a purer product.

Full-Spectrum vs T-Free

What is left after distillation is either a full-spectrum or t-free product. This is based on what gets refined out of the hemp oil. Full-spectrum CBD distillate has all the cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp. That also includes trace amounts of THC and compounds like terpenes and amino acids. It’s not enough THC to classify the product as marijuana, but if you’re trying to avoid it altogether, opt for a t-free distillate. They take refinement one step further and remove all trace amounts of THC from the compound.

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Using CBD Distillate

The therapeutic effects currently linked to using CBD make it a popular product. And, because CBD distillate has the added features of being tasteless and without an aroma, it easily integrates into many different products. Most common are edibles and vaporizer cartridges.

Products containing CBD distillate are popular for both recreational consumers as well as those looking for relief for a pre-existing medical condition. CBD products may help treat anxiety and stress, epilepsy, cancer symptoms, and has been known to function well as an anti-inflammatory.

Golden broad spectrum distillate oil product being drizzled onto a white surface

The Future of CBD

Because of the possibilities associated with CBD distillate, it has a lucrative future for hemp farmers. Demand for this product may lead to more farmers opting to refine their crude hemp oil further. Especially as the country becomes more accepting of hemp products, CBD distillate has a lot of potential, making the future for this odorless and tasteless product quite strong.


Refine, Buy, and Sell the Best CBD Distillate with Arbor Vita8

Quality is essential at every step when working with hemp. From cultivation, to processing, to extraction, how you handle each part contributes to your final product. This is especially true when your end goal is to create CBD distillate. 

Farmers want the best technology and methods, so they can produce high-quality distillate that maximizes profits. Meanwhile, manufacturers are looking for the right materials to ensure consistency in their edibles and vaporizer products. At Arbor Vita8, we call it the seed-to-sale pipeline, and our knowledge and expertise allows us to support both farmers and manufacturers at each critical juncture. Regardless of what your end product is, we’re able to help you get the best-quality in the most efficient manner. 

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