Ethanol Hemp Extraction

With advanced facilities, designed and built by Entexs, the expertly qualified staff at Arbor Vita8 complete high-volume ethanol hemp extractions to produce the highest quality CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC or D8 oils and distillates for manufacturers. Our system and processes give you a safe, clean, and environmentally-friendly extraction.


How the Hemp Ethanol Extraction Process Works

Through extensive research into the options for extraction, Arbor Vita8 selected an ethanol extraction system from Entexs. Using food-grade ethanol, which is basically alcohol, we’re able to produce a superior oil or distillate. Our machinery then provides a high-tech, fully-automated, hands-free approach to ethanol extraction.

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Ethanol extraction begins when the hemp flowers and biomass are soaked with ethanol, and brought to a very low boil. Soaking the hemp dissolves the plant waxes and extracts the cannabinoids. As the hemp is slowly heated, vapor gets produced. During evaporation, cannabinoids get left behind as an oil with a light-to-dark amber color.

Arbor Vita8 conducts this whole process at lower temperatures, allowing us to skip the need for further refinement, or winterization. This makes hemp ethanol extraction even more efficient.

How Does Ethanol Extraction Compare to Other Methods

At Arbor Vita8, we use ethanol extraction, but it’s far from the only way to extract oils and distillates from hemp. Other extraction methods are available with various pros and cons. Luckily, ethanol extraction takes the best aspects from each alternative to create a more appealing option.

Carbon Dioxide

We all think of CO2 as a gas, but in its supercritical state, it functions as both a gas and a liquid. In this form, it can become a solvent for hemp extraction. Supercritical CO2 passes through the biomass or flower and extracts the trichomes, terpenes, and/or waxes. From there, it goes through a separator to get broken down into its respective parts.

While CO2 is an environmentally friendly solvent, it isn’t a natural at the extraction process. It must be exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure to go supercritical and become useful for extraction. Getting the CO2 to this point can get expensive and requires proper training.


Butane and its buddy, propane, were two of the first solvents used in the extraction process. They’re thorough workers, and do a great job of grabbing all the desired compounds from the processed hemp while leaving behind the undesirables.

This process is almost identical to ethanol, with one caveat — butane is toxic. If it’s not all removed from the extracted oil, it can ruin the batch for human consumption. Butane is also a highly volatile chemical and can easily combust if those working with it don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Before hemp processors began switching to alternatives, those using butane for extraction were more likely to have on-the-job accidents.

Benefits of Ethanol Extraction

There are a variety of benefits to using ethanol over other options like butane or CO2 for hemp extraction. While each choice has pros and cons, our research has shown that ethanol proves itself the best in the essential categories of cleanliness, safety, and cost effectiveness. It’s also the option that’s best for the environment.

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When compared with other extraction mediums, ethanol is the cleaner choice. Since it’s essentially alcohol, it presents little risk of toxicity.

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As the least flammable extraction medium, ethanol is considered one of the safest solvents both in the hemp industry and beyond. As a water-soluble chemical, it’s easier and safer to handle and requires less complex and dangerous machinery to complete extraction.

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Ethanol can help create a more cost-effective process because you can reuse it. It’s also more efficient since it bonds with both water-soluble and fat-soluble plant compounds for a full-spectrum extract.

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Environmentally Friendly:

Through Arbor Vita8’s extraction process, we’re able to recycle 85% of the ethanol used each time. We waste less and use less, decreasing the byproducts of extraction we put into our environment.


Arbor Vita8’s Hemp Ethanol
Extraction Process

At AV8 we take pride in not only the quality of the product we produce, but the equipment and techniques we use throughout the process. Our top-notch hemp ethanol extraction process ensures you’ll have a safe, sanitary, and high-quality experience. Guided by our knowledgeable staff, the CBD or CBG oil we extract is what manufacturers are looking to buy. We aim to give you an optimal experience using our hemp extraction services.

Extraction, however, is just one step in the process of being a successful farmer, and at AV8, we’re committed to partnering with you the entire way. We’re right there with you from seed-to-sale. Contact us today to see how we’re helping farmers take their hemp crop through the extraction process and beyond for the best possible returns.